The importance of a response.

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Over the years, we’ve received emails from candidates who told us they found an attractive job opening on our site, applied, and subsequently never heard back from the employer or client.

This results in an immediate sadface for us. We believe all candidates should be afforded the decency of a response. It’s difficult to encourage this because we don’t facilitate communication between companies and candidates; that happens off-site.

This will all change when Authentic Crew is available. Companies and candidates will be able to communicate directly with one another regarding job opportunities.

At that point, because we’ll be in the business of facilitating communication between users, we’ll ask both the company and the candidate to be responsible enough to respond. We’ll do this by conspicuously stating your response rate, something we’ve been thinking through for quite some time.

Here’s an example:

Response rate

Companies and candidates will be encouraged to respond as their response rate will be clearly stated. The higher the response rate, the more willing you’ll be to make contact.

No more sadfaces. We hope.

Drop us your email and we’ll notify you when Authentic Crew is ready:

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