Our New Feature Will Expand Your Posting’s Reach

At Authentic, we’re always looking for new ways to connect employers with great talent. But one of the biggest hurdles is telling people you exist, you’re awesome, and you’re hiring. It’s a matter of getting a job posting in front of the right person, and so we’ve rolled out a few new features to help make that happen.

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When posting an opening, you’ll now see a new section below “Highlight Your Job!” called “Expand Your Audience.” Here, you can add on a featured spot in one of two SitePoint newsletters, each with over 100,000 subscribers, or the UXBooth email newsletter which reaches 16,000 UX professionals every week. These three options will help target your Authentic job towards just the right set of professionals and expand your reach beyond the job board alone. We’re also looking for more network partners to add to this list. If you’d like to explore this opportunity, please send us an email.

Ready to try out the new features? Fantastic. Head on over to our posting page to get started.

To help you handle the stream of resumes, we’ve also added another feature, thanks to a suggestion from a user. Applicant names will now be inserted into the subject lines of emailed applications, allowing for easier searching and differentiation. Previously, some email clients were threading all submissions together, sometimes making searching for a stand out candidate more difficult than it should be.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be deploying some new features and updates for Authentic, and we’re working hard to come up with ways to improve our service and our site.

Suggestions from our users is a gift, and we welcome your feedback! If you’ve got an idea of how we can improve, or find that something on our site is harder than it should be, we’d love to hear about it. You can always reach out using the contact form or email us directly at [email protected]. All emails are read by a real human being, so feel free to spell it all out for us. We’re here to help.