A radically new experience for job seekers & employers. 

We’ve re-engineered how you use Authentic Jobs for finding talent & work. Here’s a preview. Below is a summary of what to expect when the new AuthenticJobs.com goes live in a few weeks.


This is a significant departure from our previous designs, which were much more realign than redesign. This version is both realign and redesign — an iterative evolution of a decade-old product and a complete design & code overhaul.

We felt this was the perfect opportunity to overhaul UI components that had remained untouched for years. Albeit they were functional, but we didn’t feel the components were holistically in harmony with each other, especially at varying screen sizes. For example, previously you couldn’t locate nearby jobs with a single tap on larger screens—that was reserved only for smaller screens. Now you can locate nearby jobs with a single tap on any size screen. 


This new design is far more responsive than the last. The previous design (2011) adapted well to common screens sizes among mobile phones, tablets, and larger screens. However, functionality was limited on some screens sizes, and many more screen sizes have emerged since 2011. In fact, today “common screen sizes” might be considered ridiculously and unreasonably subjective. 

The new design is fully responsive, both content and function. Anyone can access the site regardless of screen size, and anyone can access nearly all functionality irrespective of their viewport dimensions. 


We’ve redesigned the job listing pages to make the job itself the hero, placing greater emphasis on the title and meta data. Employers can also include beautiful ‘hero’ images with their description that personify the company, its culture, or the team candidates will be a part of.

By the way, we spent loads of time fontsploring the right headline type, and we couldn’t be happier with Questa by Martin Majoor & Jos Buivenga. Additionally Freight Text Pro (Joshua Darden) and Source Sans Pro (Paul D. Hunt) round out the other font selections found throughout the site. 


We’ve modified the Skills categories and introduced two new filtering options: Compensation and Levels.

Fair warning: we don’t anticipate having any listings that match these new filters until the new design is live in a few weeks and employers begin posting jobs using these new filters. 


We’ve made numerous improvements to our posting process, including the use of Redactor text editor. Initial tests show it’s much more friendly to those who copy & paste job descriptions from Word documents (which is pretty common among our customers).

So, please kick the tires and tell us what you think. Drop us a note with the sign-off line of your choice. “With hugs” is our favorite, but we happily accept “totally frustrated” too. 

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New Year’s Sale! If you’ve followed us over the past few years, you know the drill. We offer a discount this steep only twice a year: September campaign, and New Year’s.

Visit the tweet streams of our team members to find a discount code. Get a jump start on hiring new employees and finding freelancers in 2015 with 50% off all job postings.

UPDATE: Some tweets with 50% codes spotted in the wild thus far: 

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It’s our 10th birthday today.

Ten. 10 years feels like forever in internet terms. Five children have joined the families of our small three-person team during our company’s existence. Imagine that.

To celebrate, we’re giving away some lovely merch, encouraging companies to join us in raising funds for charity: water, and offering 60% off all job postings.

We’re not sure how to top that, other than to say: Thank you. Thank you—in the most heartfelt way—to the many incredible people who have contributed to 10 amazing years. We have the most remarkable customers the world has ever known. And that’s not a hyperbole. Promise.

P.S. Listen to what Cameron, Myles, Adam have to say about the past 10 years, and then listen to what our advisory board has say of the same.

Recently the Envato film crew spent two days filming in my office and with my family. Here’s what they came up with. They did a terrific job of parsing through hours of video to share a side of me and of our family that the public has rarely seen.

The story-behind-the-story also deserves a spotlight. Josh Janssen and Naysan Naraqi comprise the rogue film crew that Envato has sent nearly around the globe to shoot the “Made By” series and other short films. They’re incredibly nice, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. If they represent Envato as a whole, my appreciation for the company—which was already high—has been elevated greatly.

Following filming the first night, we held a friendly match in our backyard. For our family, that was the highlight of our time together. And just before their departure, Naysan captured this sunset selfie:

What a terrific photo Naysan captured.

Lastly, if you’re not familiar with Envato, you’ve probably encountered one of their many brands if you work in the creative industry. I’ve used their Audio Jungle royalty-free audio in several videos for charity: water and personal use, and there’s some terrific stuff to be found on the site. As our way of saying thanks to Josh, Naysan, and the Envato family, please check out their products.


P.S. During our backyard match, I was filming with Suzanne’s phone and unexpectedly received a pass. Figured I might as well do something with it:

Additional behind-the-scenes photos:

We’ve just added profile pages to Authentic Pros. If you already have an account, check out your profile at authenticpros.com/[yourusername].

A few sample accounts:

You’ll also notice we’re showing your timezone with a handy-dandy reference map. We think this will prove useful for remote workers and freelancers, as well as those hoping to team up with them.

Timezone: GMT+5

Profile pages are generated with existing data, minus the biography. Log in to your account and edit your profile to add your biography. (Links are allowed.)

This is just the beginning of what Pros profiles will be like. Slow and steady, we’ve got plenty more to come. (No account? Sign up now. It’s free!)

Recently we released Authentic Pros into the wild. A few have asked where we’re headed with it. Brief details below.

First, there’s an entire backstory to the origin and naming of Pros. Like five years’ worth (literally). But we’ll save that for another day.

In short, Pros is a directory of hackers, designers, and creative pros. Full stop. We have wonderful plans to integrate it with Authentic Jobs in the future. But we also believe it can stand on its own as a directory of the amazing (and upcoming) talent in the creative/web industry.

Authentic Pros allows you to aggregate your profile across the web into a condensed listing in our directory. In the future, we plan to provide a beefier profile using this data to paint a better picture of who you are across the web. Profile sources currently include GitHub, Stack Overflow, CodePen, Dribbble, Behance, Quora, and several others, and more to be added.

Additionally, you can specify areas of expertise, size of company you’re currently employed at, and the type of work you may be interested in. Filtering options are forthcoming, but the search box—which was just added—is pretty powerful.

Here are some sample searches:

This data will become useful in the future for those seeking employment, freelance work, and so forth—as well as employers and clients hoping to find these individuals. And if you’d prefer not be included in searches, we’ve also just added a toggle to hide your profile:

Public/Private toggle

Your account will be marked as ‘Private’ but will remain active as we develop new features.

If you’ve not yet added yourself to the directory, please do so. And then hang on for the ride as we see how far we can take this thing.

Add your profile to Pros

If you have hiring plans in 2015, save 25–35% off retail pricing by purchasing job listings in advance.¹ These “credits” never expire in the event that you don’t use them all in 2015.

For example,

  • 5 full-time listings (25% discount): $1,245.00 $933.75 (sample invoice)
  • 10 full-time listings (30% discount): $2,490.00 $1,743.00 (sample invoice)
  • 20 full-time listings (35% discount): $4,980.00 $3,237.00 (sample invoice)

We can create a custom quote for any quantity, and these discounts apply to all job types: full-time, contract, freelance, etc. Additionally, after nearly 8 years without an increase, our rates will increase in the near future, so this is a great opportunity not only to lock in a discount but at the current retail prices, to boot.

Contact us for a quote

¹ Minimum purchase of 5 listings. Also, thanks be to Jay Mantri for the background photo.

New Year’s sale! If you’ve followed us over the past few years, you know the drill. We offer a discount this steep only twice a year: September campaign, and New Year’s.

UPDATE: Some tweets with 50% codes spotted in the wild thus far:

Get a jump start on hiring new employees and finding freelancers in 2015 with 50% off all listings. Visit the tweet streams of our team members to find a discount code.

So, grab a discount code from our team tweets and post as many positions as you’d like. Expires January 10.

New logo day! ◦°˚(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ Today marks the beginning of a few significant changes we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks. More on that later. First, the logo.

Before/after logo comparison

We love Alejandro Paul’s Calgary Script, a brush script font based on signage in Calgary. We modified a couple of his original letterforms (though only slightly) to craft the previous logo, and it has served us well for the past five years.

However, using a font widely available to the public has created an unusual paradox for our logo mark: it isn’t authentically ours.

So, earlier this year we hired Sergey Shapiro to design a logo for us; one that we could authentically claim as ours, and only ours. After a round of exploration, this emerged as our favorite:

Original sketches by Sergey

Sergey then refined his sketch, and a vector version was delivered as the final product:

Final vector version

Simultaneously, we contracted with our legal team in Utah, BTJD, to begin the process of trademarking ‘Authentic’. We already own the trademark to 'Authentic Jobs’, but we’ve long believed we have the capacity to be much more than just a job board. Our logo, therefore, should be extensible enough to enable growth.

After many Basecamp discussions, arm wrestling in Slack, and numerous mockups, we arrived at this solution:

Uses of our logo

It’s a mark that’s not only extensible, but one we can now unquestionably claim as ours.

Have a look at the logo in use, and stay tuned for additional changes.