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  • Great success! We are hiring a wonderful UI Developer who is relocating and found out about our opportunity through Authentic Jobs.

  • Just wanted to thank you for providing this service as my one year anniversary at USA TODAY is coming up and I'm still loving it here.

  • This is my first post on Authentic Jobs, and we are getting a lot of great applicants so far!

  • A week ago, we were trying to cherry-pick and recruit individuals out of grad school or an existing job, which was extremely time consuming and had not yielded much. Since posting the job on your site, we've received a number of qualified applicants, and for the first time I feel confident we'll find someone who is a fit for our team in the timeframe we need.

  • We initially planned on finding a candidate on our own, but we decided to give Authentic Jobs a try. Within hours we were contacted by multiple candidates, with nearly all offering the exact level of proficiency and experience we were looking for. One of those candidates is now a full time employee, found and hired in record time. Many thanks to Authentic Jobs for making it happen.

  • The post was great. We have received about 10 responses which is pretty good for an in office job in San Diego. We don't have a huge market here. I would say about a third of those leads are worth looking into, so to me, that's pretty solid. We have received about 3-5 good leads that we are continuing to look into.

  • Thanks for creating such a great service. We've found some of our best talent through your site.

  • For a first time ad post with Authentic Jobs, we were really impressed with the qualified responses that so quickly piled in. In 2 days we filled 2 positions! We will definitely be using you again!

  • I regularly check a number of sites and while I've gotten positive responses from a few, all have been either: low paying, contracts I didn't feel comfortable taking, or averse to telecommuting. On, offered rates have been average to excellent, the posts by real companies, and when they say 'Anywhere', it's never later followed by, 'inside Vanderburgh Co. Indiana' or 'in the Twin Cities area.' Thanks to offers found on, my hourly rate has increased 100% in the past month. Completely true.

  • Many great candidates with strong resumes, and one new freelancer who is already on his fourth or fifth project with us. We may sign on another one or two candidates, as well. Posting on craigslist is such a drag, but it's actually kinda fun reviewing work from candidates submitted through AJ. Kudos to you for a great service to the industry.

  • Six months ago I was in dire need of a job, and your listings were of great assistance. I now work for a publishing firm in Utah and love it. Keep up the good work, and thanks again from someone who found exactly what he was looking for.

  • Wow, what a response I got. From the moment the listing went out live, I received non stop offers from very well qualified developers. I was on a serious time crunch and was worried it'd be hard to sift through a bunch of bad proposals to find one good one, but it was the opposite! Thanks for creating such a great, reputable service.

  • We received dozens applications from incredibly skilled candidates. The number of qualified candidates Authentic Jobs provides exceeds any other service. We're raving fans.

  • THE place to find creative/development help. We posted a job for a designer and within a very short time we had chosen the new team member. Nice to not have to sift through all the garbage inquiries like the 'other sites' seem to attract. We will definitely use Authentic Jobs again for our next hire.

  • Authentic jobs brought us one candidate. One GREAT candidate who is now through the interview process!

  • The quality of candidates who responded to our Authentic Jobs listing was off the charts.

  • I had never posted a job opening online before, but Authentic Jobs made it beautifully simple to do so. The quality of the applicants far exceeded my expectations and I was able to fill the position in just a few days. Thanks for keeping the process simple and quick.

  • We were able to fairly rapidly fill our listing and we closed our posting. For these positions (front-end developers) AuthenticJobs provided a much richer and steadier stream of candidates than LinkedIn or Facebook.

  • We filled this position extremely fast.Thanks again for running AuthenticJobs. Without a doubt, AJ is one of the most effective job boards for us. Whether it's a designer or iOS engineer, we've had quality applicants from every post, and have now hired at least 5 new people in the past 3 months through AJ.

  • After 6 months and finally accepting that we'd probably never fill the position, we decided to give Authentic Jobs a go. Within 2 short days we found the amazing interface designer we'd been searching for. We just relocated him to Sydney and couldn't be happier.

  • Authentic Jobs helped us reach the exact type of people we were interested in, and ultimately landed us the designer we were looking for.

  • Finding talented designers and Flash developers has been a struggle for us in the past. I was hesitant to use Authentic Jobs—figuring, like other job boards, I'd only get replies from off-shore dev shops. I was thoroughly surprised to get resumes from several talented candidates—both in the US and abroad. I'll definitely be using Authentic Jobs in the future.

  • I am overwhelmed with applicant emails. I found excellent candidates and will use the service again.

  • After using several popular freelance services for years and never finding a team or individual that met my needs, I was referred to Authentic Jobs and decided to give it a try. Within a week I had quality applications from more developers than I had ever found and I was able to put together an incredible team. In fact, I got so many GREAT applicants that I may never need to look for a developer again! Thanks!

  • This was another great Authentic Jobs experience (my third). We've gotten a ton of qualified applicants—in fact, more than we can handle. They are certainly professional, and we're now figuring out which one of our two favorites we're going to end up going with. Thanks again for the more-than-fair pricing, and the nice-to-have but never needed satisfaction guarantee.

  • We're getting totally flooded by responses! We found our guy within a few hours. Many thanks and will be doing more in the coming days.

  • Kudos from the team at Valtira and enStratus—we love your site. As application designers we find ourselves making mental notes of your elegant and user friendly interaction design. We've also had great candidates come through—so please count us among your fans.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I posted a job probably two years ago for a designer, got several responses, and ultimately found one guy who I tried to hire. It didn't work out at the time, but we kept in touch, and I finally hired him a few months ago.

  • The amount of quality CVs with quality portfolios far outweigh the ones the make you give your head a shake and pray for the sender. Well worth the $75.

  • Your site is always the best—I've posted on 37 Signals, Krop, Smashing Magazine, Jobs on the Wall, etc. But yours always brings the best people.

  • Without a doubt we received the best quality responses from Authentic Jobs. It's a no-brainer for reaching the brainy — and a bargain, to boot.

  • I have to say, Authentic Jobs never fails to drum up some real talent for our gig listings. As a sole proprietor, it's the best $75 I've spent when building teams for larger projects.

  • We got excellent results and I do have enough contacts to build the entire web 3.0.

  • I found a great front-developer/designer through Authentic Jobs. Well done!

  • I posted a job ad yesterday for a PHP Programmer and have gotten an overwhelming reply. Thanks to your website we found someone for the position.

  • I was out of work for about 2 months. I had went to as I normal do to see if there was anything new happening on the web. Oddly enough I have been to your site many times, but never notice the 'Authentic Jobs' link in the sidebar. So I click on it and saw a really cool posting for a job that was based in Atlanta Georgia. The first thing I did was, I ask my wife, 'How far is Atlanta from Tuscaloosa?' We prayed, and then I applied for that job. That was almost a year ago and I love it here.

  • This is a great website! I've been looking for a website where I can go to get good freelance design jobs. Most of the jobs on and are labeled wrong and not geared toward design. The postings that you have on here are great! I immediately added the RSS feed and check it everyday to see the new postings. Thanks!

  • I posted a freelance position on your site yesterday for 75 bucks. Within these few hours I have received a hundred or so responses — a few of them exceptional, most of them good and only a few absolute duds. That's quite possibly the best 75 I've spent for a while. Thanks for making the service you made. I appreciate it.

  • We got about 70 applications, from six countries, many on the same day the ad was posted, and not a single time-waster. The person we hired has done a fantastic job, and we will be asking them to collaborate on future projects. Thanks.

  • I think your site is fantastic, and have been amazed at the responses I've received. I really couldn't possibly be happier with the results.

  • We have gotten over 20+ responses and more that enough capable candidates. Great site and very impressed with the broad range of skills and expertise from people who applied.

  • Your site did the job for us. We had some great candidates to choose from. We have hired one of them. It brought in some very highly qualified people.

  • I have to tell you how pleasantly surprised I am at the sheer volume of extremely qualified candidates that have responded to the listing. However, I'm getting buried :-) I've already sorted through and have a list of more than 10 candidates I want to follow up with - as it is a freelance position, I'm confident I'll be able to find one or two that will fit the bill.

  • We got some very viable candidates! We didn't end up hiring from the replies from Authentic Jobs, but we were impressed with the resumes we got. In the end, we are glad we used your service.

  • After one week up on the site the response was overwhelmingly good with more than enough qualified candidates submitting applications. This is a great service and we'll certainly be using it in the future.

  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the Authentic Jobs listing. The biggest problem we had was choosing which talented designer to hire!

  • I recently landed a great full time position through your site — the kind of job I've been casually searching for well over a year. When AJ launched, I had a feeling it would prove an invaluable resource, and in my case, it surely has. Quality over quantity indeed!

  • Cameron, the response has been fantastic. Best $75 I've spent in a long time.

  • I got one response from my listing, and he was our final hire. He's been here several months now; he's a great asset.

  • This little note is to thank you for your outstanding help through your Authentic Jobs venture. Thanks to your site, we were able to not only hire one freelancer but two and mark four down for potential work down the line, all in a single week.

  • Out of over a hundred applicants to the role, I was the only one to apply through your site, and one of only three to gain an interview. I believe my application was immediately given more weight due to the fact it came via your job board, and I got the position! It's well known that your blog is very popular amongst 'standardistas'... hence I had already gone a long way to fulfilling the 'standards aware' requirement for the position.

  • You might be interested to know that the reason I need to post this job opening is because another company hired away my Interface Developer through their listing on your site! You might also like to know that the way I found (and hired) him in the first place was through a link you published to an article on his site about wicked worn Fireworks techniques. In short, your site has become some kind of hub through which my staff is added and removed. ;)

  • Yours is a popular blog among design professionals and the job listings get great real estate. Plus, it's nice to know there's an honest-to-gosh design professional with international clout screening these jobs, because if I'm lucky he or one of his 5,000 designer friends will push forth a resume. It's certainly good to have traffic coming from sources other than the big job listing sites such as Monster and Career Builder, where the applications tend to be more general and generic and often harder to screen.

  • I just wanted to write a short note thanking you for creating Tomorrow I start a new position that I found on your site. It's very nice to have a resource for jobs where standards fluent designers and developers know that employers are thinking ahead.

  • The quality of the applicants far surpassed any other site we had used in the past, including and If you are looking to fill a very specific position that requires a qualified candidate, there aren't any better options out there than Cameron's website.

  • Cameron's listings have offered us an efficient and targeted means of finding high quality applicants for all our creative and marketing HR needs. Simply outstanding.

  • The people I am looking for now and in the future would hopefully know Authentic Boredom and the rest of the standards circle.

  • Great designers associate with other great designers. By listing our job opportunities on your site, we're aligning ourselves with an audience that likewise appreciates unequivocally beautiful and functional design. While posting on certainly offers a larger quantity of candidates, your site ultimately provides far better quality.

  • Three jobs posted and three jobs filled. All with well-qualified people. And with a super-smooth interface, what's not to love?

  • We found the perfect fit through Authentic Jobs! It was the first place I thought of when we needed to post for our first full-time hire for our design firm. By far, the best (and in our opinion only qualified) candidates came through Authentic Jobs. We're happy to report that our new web designer Ben is an amazing fit and someone we would have never found through traditional avenues.