BuySellAds Acquires
Authentic Jobs

BuySellAds has acquired Authentic Jobs.  The following is a letter from Todd Garland, CEO and Founder of BuySellAds, to the Authentic Jobs community.

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Authentic Jobs, the leading job board for designers, hackers, and creative pros on the internet. We will be running Authentic Jobs as a standalone business.

The Authentic Jobs mission is to give the best talent access to opportunities at the world’s greatest companies. We are passionate about the “web creator” space, and we enjoy working with the many talented individuals and companies who make this space what it is today. We’ve been working with many folks in the design and development space — for the better part of a decade — to create sustainable revenue to help support their tools, blogs, and communities through relevant quality advertising. Now, we want to help those companies continue to grow their businesses by making it easier for them to hire the best people on the internet. This is where Authentic Jobs comes into the equation.

For the last few years, as a remote team, we’ve relied heavily on Authentic Jobs to grow our team. We know the power of extending our hiring reach beyond our geographical limitations. We’re looking to bring that experience to Authentic Jobs while we help other great companies and talented creators build a bright future together. Cameron Moll (read his announcement here) and his team have built a great business over the last eleven years with Authentic Jobs. Our plan, similar to what we have done with other acquisitions in the past, is to capture what is unique and extraordinary about the business, but extend the foundation a bit further.

The Authentic Jobs mission is to streamline the relationship between those looking to hire and those looking to take the next step in their careers. Our ecosystem, built between Authentic Jobs and Authentic Pros, closes the gap between those looking for new job opportunities and those who provide those opportunities. The system creates better exposure for each side of the equation.

Our primary focus at BuySellAds is building advertising technology that helps bring advertisers and publishers closer together. We’re contributing to ad tech’s future. A future that’s built on a transparent and streamlined ecosystem, built on direct relationships, high-quality ad formats, and a fraud-free environment for its participants. Our experiences in those areas are directly applicable to Authentic Jobs.

A streamlined recruitment process is one benefit already being realized thanks to Cameron and his fantastic Authentic Jobs team. They have laid the groundwork for some exciting new changes, and we hope to accelerate those changes. There’s already excitement brewing with our partners, and we’re going to help Authentic Jobs continue to grow into its full potential.

But, we’re just getting started.


Todd Garland