Announcing new partnerships with Dribbble and Designer News

Authentic Jobs is pleased (read: over the moon!) to announce new partnerships with Dribbble and Designer News. Authentic Jobs, Dribbble, and Designer News share a common love for designers, hackers, and creative professionals, and so these partnerships feel natural…some might even say authentic?

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So what does this mean for you?

It means that you’ll now be able to cross post your job to the Dribbble jobs board and the Designer News jobs board directly from Authentic Jobs.

Much like our new add on features, our this partnership exponentially increases the number of people who see your job post. The Designer News and Dribbble cross posting option is also about quality- it’s not just about more people seeing your job, but more people with the right skills, experience, and knowledge seeing your job.

At Authentic Jobs, we’re here to support you in your search for the right candidate, and we know this partnership with Dribbble and Designer News will lead to even more perfect hires.