The Authentic Jobs iPhone App

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A mere four years after the first iPhone went on sale, we’ve got our first app. We think it might have been worth the wait. (We’re super pleased with how it turned out.)

Head over to the teaser page or download the app in iTunes.

The app contains a few unique features we haven’t yet implemented on the site, such as favorites, listings by location, and a company directory based on active listings:

The Gonçalves Brothers

Instrumental in the design and development of our app were the Portugal-based Gonçalves brothers. As regular users of the site, André and Rui came to us with the app nearly 75% completed. They wanted to build the perfect app for themselves, and it ended up being the perfect app for the Authentic Jobs audience at large.

After settling on an agreement, we worked with André and Rui to finesse the final 25% and polish the many interaction details found throughout the app. They were fantastic to work with, and any praise for the user experience of our app should be given to the two of them. (Give ‘em a shout out: @andre_goncalves & @ruiaureliano.)

Go forth and grab a copy of the free app. Happy job hunting!


That’s Cameron’s actual iPhone 4 on the teaser page.

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