A radically new experience for job seekers & employers

We’ve re-engineered how you use Authentic Jobs for finding talent & work. Here’s a preview. Below is a summary of what to expect when the new AuthenticJobs.com goes live in a few weeks.

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Realign + Redesign

This is a significant departure from our previous designs, which were much more realign than redesign. This version is both realign and redesign — an iterative evolution of a decade-old product and a complete design & code overhaul.


We felt this was the perfect opportunity to overhaul UI components that had remained untouched for years. Albeit they were functional, but we didn’t feel the components were holistically in harmony with each other, especially at varying screen sizes. For example, previously you couldn’t locate nearby jobs with a single tap on larger screens—that was reserved only for smaller screens. Now you can locate nearby jobs with a single tap on any size screen.

Fully Responsive: Content + Function

This new design is far more responsive than the last. The previous design (2011) adapted well to common screens sizes among mobile phones, tablets, and larger screens. However, functionality was limited on some screens sizes, and many more screen sizes have emerged since 2011. In fact, today “common screen sizes” might be considered ridiculously and unreasonably subjective.

The new design is fully responsive, both content and function. Anyone can access the site regardless of screen size, and anyone can access nearly all functionality irrespective of their viewport dimensions.

Listing Hero

We’ve redesigned the job listing pages to make the job itself the hero, placing greater emphasis on the title and meta data. Employers can also include beautiful ‘hero’ images with their description that personify the company, its culture, or the team candidates will be a part of.


By the way, we spent loads of time fontsploring the right headline type, and we couldn’t be happier with Questa by Martin Majoor & Jos Buivenga. Additionally Freight Text Pro (Joshua Darden) and Source Sans Pro (Paul D. Hunt) round out the other font selections found throughout the site.

New Filtering Options

We’ve modified the Skills categories and introduced two new filtering options: Compensation and Levels.


Fair warning: we don’t anticipate having any listings that match these new filters until the new design is live in a few weeks and employers begin posting jobs using these new filters.

Improved Posting Process

We’ve made numerous improvements to our posting process, including the use of Redactor text editor. Initial tests show it’s much more friendly to those who copy & paste job descriptions from Word documents (which is pretty common among our customers).


So, please kick the tires and tell us what you think. Drop us a note with the sign-off line of your choice. “With hugs” is our favorite, but we happily accept “totally frustrated” too.

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