Introducing is a new microsite that randomly displays listing data from Authentic Jobs, but only the job perks. (Think bacon and ping-pong tables.)

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We’re in the thick of Hackweek here in Sarasota, Florida, where we bring our tiny team together for a week of strategizing, building, and good food. One of our objectives was to design and build a site from start to finish during our time together. is the result.

The premise was simple: Expose the data in our listings in a fresh, unique way. The idea for extracting job perks sprang from one of Cameron’s featured job tweets (example). The first iteration was a simple, static comp:

First iteration of

From there, we began building and refining concurrently—Cameron on design, Adam on code, and The Lumineers on Rdio.

For the logo, we settled on Thirsty Rough pretty quickly. It’s a new typeface from Ryan Martinson that has a nice distressed, scripty feel to it. Adam was quick to point out that the ‘P’ was a little too Pinterest-y:

Showing the modified 'P' in the Perks logo

A little time spent modifying anchor points in Illustrator resolved the issue, though it meant we couldn’t use the webfont version to render the logo. With a quick build like this, we were okay with the trade-off.

A few more rounds in Photoshop and a bokeh photo later, the site was taking shape. Adam had nearly the entire site built—front-end markup and back-end code—by the time Cameron had finessed the aesthetics. It’s built on the Laravel PHP framework with a healthy dose of Sass and a dash of Backstretch for the stretchy header. Data is pulled from the Authentic Jobs API, as you might imagine.

So have a looksie, and give @cameronmoll and @adamjspooner your 2c about our little project, if you wouldn’t mind.