Crewing in the New Year

One of the reasons we’re hiring a front-end developer (position is now closed) is the need to finally wrap up Authentic Crew, a project that’s been in development for quite some time but has been second in priority to operating and maintaining our flagship site, Authentic Jobs.

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In 2012, we’re resolving to launch version one of Authentic Crew early in the year. We’ve spent many hours discussing things with the right people and crafting the right experience to help companies and web professionals connect with each other.

For web professionals, your profile on Crew will provide an at-a-glance snapshot of your skills, work experience, endorsements, and portfolio:

Authentic Crew profile sample

Your profile will be a “living” profile, curated by you from places you’re already actively using: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and partners such as Behance and Forrst.

For employers, you’ll have access to matching candidates for the listings you’ve posted to Authentic Jobs, as well as an easy way to communicate with them:

Employer dashboard

Sign up to be notified when it’s ready. And try not to chuckle at our signup page in need of an update accompanied by an experienced front-end developer. (Hint hint.)

Happy New Year, everyone.