Achievement unlocked: 300 loans on Kiva

Featured photo

This week we surpassed a milestone we’re extremely proud of: Our 300th loan through Kiva, a micro-lending community for entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of the faces shown above are entrepreneurs we’ve assisted.

We’ve been contributing a tiny portion of our income to Kiva since 2008, and the impact of these micro-loans is geographically diverse.

Our loans shown on a map

Thank you for playing a part in achieving this milestone through the significant act of finding creative talent or landing your next job. You’re helping us lend a hand to small business owners across the globe.

FWIW, our 300th loan was to Ana Gladys of El Salvador for repair and purchase of sewing supplies. As of this writing, she still needs $200 to reach her goal. If you can join us in funding her loan, register on Kiva.

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