10 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Home Office

New to the world of remote work? Working virtually and ready to set up your home office? Keep reading for 10 simple steps you can take to cultivate a cozy and productive workspace!

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The Importance of A Home Office Space

When you can work from anywhere, you may wonder why have a home office at all. While cafe hopping can be fun and inspire great ideas; it is not always a sustainable way to work remotely.

However, for many remote workers, having a dedicated office space can help increase productivity and promote a healthy work-life balance – something that might be missing if there is no structure to where and when work takes place.

There are many benefits to having a home office. Here are two:

  • A quiet space to create, craft, or draft the tasks you need to complete.
  • A dedicated workspace to take phone calls and conduct virtual meetings.

10 Tips to Set Up Your Home Office 

Tip 1: Designate a dedicated workspace to minimize distractions. 

a person in a blue collared shirt sits at a desk facing a white brick wall

Distractions are present in every work place, remote jobs are no exception. To combat distractions and stay focused on the tasks on your to-do list, have a dedicated workspace. This can be a spare room or simply a desk in the corner of your bedroom – the core idea is to create a separate but intentional space to conduct work.

Tip 2: Utilize natural lighting as much as possible. If natural light is not available, a diffused light source can be used to illuminate a workspace. 

woman working in a home office with natural light

Natural light can help you feel alert and energized throughout the workday, so take advantage of it as much as possible. For those with limited natural light or odd work hours, a bright but diffused light source can help to illuminate the area and provide a sense of calm.

Tip 3: Invest in an ergonomic office chair. 

remote worker sitting in large orange chair with desk and coffee nearby

Most remote workers it for a good portion of the day. If you’re one of them, it’s worth investing in an ergonomic chair for your home office. Find the style, color and fabric that suits you – just make sure it’s comfortable! After all, who can focus on work when they don’t have a good chair to sit in?

Tip 4: Invest in storage space to house your office supplies and filing cabinets to protect your sensitive documents. 

home office with blue chair and pink file cabinets

Despite digital being the norm, some remote jobs still require quite a bit of paperwork. So, it’s worth investing in appropriate storage for office supplies and sensitive documents alike – it’ll reduce clutter and decrease the chances of data ending up in the wrong hands.

Tip 5: Invest in wireless technology to keep cords to a minimum. 

wireless headphones seen through the leaves of a green plant

If you’re limited on space in your home office, consider cutting down on cords and going wireless when you can. That can include a wireless mouse, wireless headphones, wireless keyboards and countless of other things. The less cords, the better!

Tip 6: To brighten up the place, consider adding art and plants to your workspace. 

white desk with plant and artwork hanging in the background

Want to brighten up your space without painting the walls? Add art, a houseplant or both to your home office! The additional pops of color can help to create a cozy environment you’ll be excited to work in time and time again.

Tip 7: In offices with limited space, use office furniture that allows for vertical storage. 

remote worker reaching for a book on the shelf in her home office

If horizontal space is tight, consider storing things vertically. Books, office supplies, and other objects can be stored on wall shelving to free up floor space for furniture.

Tip 8: Consider a standing desk or laptop riser depending on how much space you have. 

remote office with white brick wall and laptop sitting on a steel laptop riser

If you find that you’re sitting too much, consider getting a standing desk or laptop riser. The latter with give you the option to sit or stand while you work!

Tip 9: Develop a WFH routine that encourages a healthy work-life balance. 

When you work from home, developing a routine can be crucial. Create idea start and end times for work to stay balanced and prevent overworking or burnout.

Tip 10: Cultivate a productive home office to stay focused and improve time management skills. 

laptop sitting on desk with light coming through the window

Surround yourself with items that inspire productivity. From calendars to posters with affirmations, there are so many ways you can stay motivated in your home office.