WFH Hacks: 10 Items to Keep Handy for Remote Meetings

Working from home as a remote employee can be a rewarding experience; granting necessary time to forge a healthy work-life balance and empowering individuals to live wherever they want. However, remote workers still face similar challenges as those who work in traditional office spaces when it comes to preparing for last-minute meetings. Do you hate scrambling to attend virtual meetings? Do you often feel ill-prepared to handle last-minute conference call requests? Read on to find a list of items you should keep handy so you can stay prepared for any meeting that’s thrown your way.

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10 Items to Keep Handy for Remote Meetings

  1. Work-Appropriate Shirt or Blouse
  2. Bottle of Water
  3. Moistened Facial Towelettes
  4. Chapstick, Lipgloss or Lipstick
  5. Hand Mirror
  6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  7. Pen/Pencil and Notepad
  8. Portable Light (ringlight, webcam light, etc)
  9. Shelf-Stable Snack (granola bar, for instance)
  10. Wifi Hotspot Device

Work-Appropriate Attire

When working remotely, it can be easy to let your personal life bleed over into working hours. This may include foregoing your morning routine and wearing a t-shirt to the virtual office instead of actually getting dressed for the day. And that’s okay! Well, it is as long as you don’t have a meeting scheduled.

However, like most workers, remote employees are subject to the occasional last-min meeting and need to stay prepared to hop on a video conferencing call with a client or colleague at a moment’s notice! That’s why one of the most important things you can keep in your virtual meeting kit is a work-appropriate shirt or blouse. Having a clean and appropriate top handy can make all the difference in your confidence and punctuality on conference calls.

Bottle of Water

The purpose of this item is pretty obvious – although that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed or forgotten. When it comes to meeting preparation, grabbing a glass or bottle of water is imperative. Water hydrates your body and it can also serve as an appetite filler for lunch break-time meetings. Furthermore, during conversations, sipping water allows you extra time to gather your thoughts before answering questions, and drinking water generally keeps you feeling fine throughout your video calls. So, if you’re setting up a virtual meeting kit or restocking supplies in your home office, make sure you include a shelf-stable bottle of water.

Moistened Facial Towelettes

When you have a flexible work schedule or work on a distributed team, it can be easy to slack off on personal hygiene in order to boost productivity levels. After all, sometimes, you just want to stay focused on the task at hand and don’t feel like sticking to your strict routine. And that’s okay, for the most part – unless you have virtual meetings to attend. In that case, having a pack of moistened facial towelettes handy can be a way to use your time effectively and still look presentable to the outside world. In addition to keeping your face clean and helping you get camera-ready, wiping your face with a moistened towelette can be a refreshing experience that adds to your overall well-being. And self-care is always important!

Chapstick, Lipgloss or Lipstick

For those who work remotely, worrying about your internet connection often takes precedence over worrying about your appearance. However, it is still important to look your best on video calls. So, we highly recommend keeping some sort of lip moisturizer nearby in your dedicated workspace or in a travel bag that’s easily accessible. When you’ve had back-to-back meetings and are barely taking breaks, something as simple as keeping your lips moisturized can be all the positive reinforcement you need to stay motivated during meetings and communicative with your team. 

Hand Mirror

Sometimes, you don’t have time to run to the bathroom to check your face, fix your make-up, or make sure that there is no leftover lunch stuck in your teeth. After all, promptness is imperative when you work on a co-located team spread across different time zones. And it can be easy to focus on essential work in lieu of beautifying oneself. So, keeping a hand mirror handy can be just the hack you need to get you on-screen with confidence! 

headphones sitting on an open laptop

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Perhaps one of the best tools to keep in your treasure trove of remote work hacks is a pair of noise-canceling headphones. When it comes to having a successful video conference call with limited interruption, headphones can work wonders to keep you focused. So, keep a pair near you at all times! And when it’s time to hop on a last-minute meeting or any video conference call, you’ll be ready to give your colleagues, clients, and other meeting attendees, your undivided attention. 

Pen/Pencil and Notepad

You may think, it’s 2022, what do I need a notepad for? But really think about it for a moment. Even with all of the high-quality technology at your disposal, there is still a place for good old-fashioned pens and paper – especially when you need to keep your attention and gaze on the screen in front of you. So, stash a pen or pencil and something to write on in your bag, on your desk, or somewhere in your dedicated workspace. Taking notes the manual way, without any electronic devices, can seem antiquated. However, it can be a wonderful and simple way to stay productive and alert while on a video call. 

Portable Light 

Video calls can be daunting because they rely on a solid internet connection, a place to sit uninterrupted, and enough light to make you visible to your colleagues if you decide to turn your camera on. So, having a portable light handy can make all the difference if have a last-minute meeting and or no longer have access to natural light. Remote workers can find portable USB-compatible lights online and even at local department stores. These can be ring lights, panel lights, or lights that clip onto your web cam – any extra illumination will come in handy if your environment is a tad too dark. 

A Snack

This is one of the work from home tips that is up for debate. However, having a snack on hand can increase productivity by keeping you satiated and able to focus on the task or meeting you’re supposed to be engaged in. Now, proceed with caution here. Snacks can bring noise and be distracting as well. So, while you should keep one on hand (especially during long meetings), it’s important to pick something that is both nutritious and noise-less – like a soft-baked granola bar for instance. 

Laptop Charger

As a remote worker, you should try your best to have a power source available at all times – especially when performing certain tasks, such as using a video conferencing tool that can drain your laptop’s battery rather quickly. So, if possible have an extra laptop charger available or a mobile device that you can access virtual meetings from in case your laptop dies. The last thing you want to do is let your team members down or get cut off in the middle of screen sharing – so stay prepared!