Web Development News: Where to Find the Latest Trends, Tips, & Tech Reviews

Want to keep up with the latest web development trends and technologies? You’re in luck, this post was written for you! Below, you’ll find a curated list of essential blogs and forums that every programmer or web development enthusiast should follow! Keep reading. 

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10 Essential Programming Blogs & Forums

Every day, we witness advances in web technologies. And, sometimes, it can be hard to keep up! Luckily, blogs and forums are dedicated to exploring top web development trends and emerging technologies in the industry. 

Are you searching for trends in web development? Whether you want to learn more about web applications in general, get a pulse check on mobile users, or keep up with the latest in data security; the resources below can come in handy!


Looking for more than just trends? For developers looking to join ongoing conversations around web development technologies and test out new tutorials, Web Developer is perfect. There you’ll find tutorials on how to create dynamic pdfs in WordPress, articles on different ways to style text links with CSS, advice on side projects, and more! 


Searching for a community that enables developers to learn more, keep up with trends, and stay connected? Stop sifting through search results and head over to Sidebar. This forum has been around since 2012 and prides itself on curating high-quality and relevant content for those immersed in the development community. 


We’ve talked about CSS tutorials and templates before but if you’re looking for more resources, head over to CSS Tricks. On their site, you’ll find a plethora of articles that span topics in web development such as understanding CSS rulesets, how to create wavy shapes in CSS, how to customize WordPress blocks, and more! 


Want the most exciting web development news digitally delivered to your screen? Digg’s editors work hard to curate information about the latest web development technologies and trends using their proprietary data sources! You’ll find everything you want to know about website development and the rapid growth the industry experiences. 


Ready to dive into front-end web development? Front End Front is a site that curates the latest front-end development-related articles and aggregates a list of Javascript conferences for its users. Curated by brothers, Stelian and Sergiu Firez, this site features tutorials, release notes, and technology round-ups.

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Searching for a community to explore development trends and tech with? Join more than 900,000 other coders in ongoing conversations surrounding programming languages. Content can be explored via user-submitted listings, videos, and guides available on the site. It also includes a list of podcasts that can be added to your queue – along with our list of must-listen-to shows


Do you want to more read articles about accessibility, UX, CSS, Javascript, or design? Looking for tutorials, opinion pieces, technology guides, or case studies? Smashing Magazine has all the content you need! 


Do you believe the web should be open, accessible, and secure? If so, you’ll want to explore web.dev! The mission of this site is to empower developers with the latest information so they can build responsive websites that are high-quality and secure. 


Want your web development news aggregated and organized in one place? This forum features “hacker news” – everything from development trends to opinion pieces on tech companies and job listings can be found on the site. 


Want top news on JavaScript development or HTML5? Echo JS is an excellent community for JavaScript developers and others interested in front-end news! On their site, users can submit and find posts on JSON.parse, exploring the link component in NextJS, React Flow, and more!