Finding An Online Community: Top 30 Discord Servers, Slack Channels, and Web Forums for Designers & Developers 

Technology empowers millions of creative professionals to pursue their dreams, learn skills, and connect with like-minded individuals via social networks on Discord and Slack. Are you looking to join an online community for designers or developers? If so, you’re in luck!  This post examines the top 30 Discord servers, Slack channels, and web forums for those who work in design or development. 

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The Importance of Community

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Joining a professional community can make the biggest difference in a person’s career. From boosting one’s confidence by engaging in critiques or conversation threads with likeminded people to finding companies with open positions; online communities come with a plethora of benefits. Wondering about the importance of community for creatives like yourself? Keep reading. Here are 3 quick reasons to join an online group today!

  • Online design and development groups give users the ability to network with business-minded folks.
  • Discord servers and Slack chat channels can be a source of inspiration.
  • Web forums can expand one’s industry knowledge and lead to the development of other topics of interest. 

10 Ways to Connect with Designers & Developers on Discord 

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5 Design-Specific Servers on Discord

  • Nitro Design
    • Nitro Design is a graphic design-focused Discord community with over 13,000 members who discuss the ins and outs of the industry and share job opportunities. 
  • Design Hive
    • Design Hive is a Discord server for designers of various skill levels and interests. The group has more than 2,800 members and prides itself on being a hub for file sharing, trend reports and friendly chat among professionals. 
  • Mixocord: Art & Design
    • Mixocord is an art and design focused online community, with more than 6,000 users, that covers topics such as graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, photography and UI/UX design. 
  • The Spot – Art & Design
    • The Spot is an active group of over 7,400 professional graphic designers, artists, design mentors and students seeking constructive critique and a virtual gathering place. 
  • Diverse Graphics
    • Diverse Graphics is a server for designers of various skill levels and potential clients to connect about paid projects. 

5 Discord Servers Geared Toward Developers:

  • The Coding Den
    • A Discord server with more than 110,000 members who share a passion for coding and all aspects of software development. 
  • SpeakJS
    • SpeakJS is a Discord community with more than 15,000 JavaScript developers who share information, resources, tools, and projects. 
  • Python
    • Python is a developer-centric Discord server with a massive following of over 350,000 users. 
  • Code Support
    • Code Support is a skill-level-inclusive community focused on conservations around coding. 
  • The Programmer’s Hangout
    • The Programmer’s Hangout is a friendly community focused on providing support for developers at all skill levels. 

10 Slack Channels for Design & Development Pros to Chat 

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5 Design-Centric Slack Communities

  • Designer Hangout
    • Designer Hangout is an invite-only UX design social network with over 18,000 UX professionals from around the world. With a job board, newsletter, influencer Q&A sessions and bulletin board of in-person events, it is a design-centric Slack group worth requesting an invitation to. 
  • Better Web Type
    • Better Web Type is a growing typography community and online learning hub for web designers looking for knowledge on the vast world of typography, tutorials, or those who simply want to build a social network with other typographers. 
  • Mixed Methods
    • Mixed Methods is a Slack community for discussions around user experience (UX) research and sharing job postings from companies interested in working with UX design professionals. 
  • The Designership
    • The Designership is an international community of more than 2,000 creative professionals working in UI/UX design – a great group to join if you’re looking for higher-quality design courses than a typical Google search yields or to make friends with others in the UI/UX industry. 
  • Designer Talk
    • Designer Talk is a Slack group geared toward designers looking to network and socialize with likeminded professionals. With over 1,000 members, it is a growing hub for those wishing to collaborate with other designers, discuss projects, or find design jobs. 

5 Developer-Focused Slack Groups

  • APIs You Won’t Hate
    • APIs You Won’t Hate is one of the largest API-focused Slack groups in the world. Join nearly 5,000 other users in the quest to answer API, REST, and HTTP questions. 
  • DevOps
    • DevOps has more than 18,000 members who work in the development industry. Their Slack community features two channels for job opportunities, making it perfect for networking. 
  • Microsoft Developer Chat 
    • Microsoft Developer Chat is a Slack community specifically geared toward professionals who work with Microsoft’s various products or those looking for job offers. 
  • UX Guide
    • UX Guide is a group specifically for UX Developers. With more than 5,000 users, it is becoming a hub for file sharing among those interested in the vast world of user experience. 
  • iOS Developers
    • iOS Developers is a Slack group focused on developers working with Apple iOS operating system. Their community is free to join and it currently has more than 30,000 members. 

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5 Forums to Connect With People Who Love Design 

  • 1st Web Designer
    • 1st Web Designer is a robust online resource hub created by web design professionals, for web design professionals. So, for those looking to learn more about CSS, HTML, WordPress and more, this design blog is worth following. 
  • Graphic Design Forum
    • Graphic Design Forum is a large group with more than 20,000 members who share information on web design, graphic design tools, and engage in online critiques. 
  • HOW Design
    • How Design is an online community and in-person conference formed with the goal to connect people in different areas of the creative, art, and design industries. 
  • Estetica
    • Estetic is a popular chat-style forum geared towards design professionals who want to explore a variety of topics of discussion – not just conversations centered around picas and pixels. 
  • Graphic Design Forums
    • Design Forum is a design hub with a large audience from the United Kingdom and European nations. There you can find a vast amount of information of all things design-related. 

5 Forums for Developers to Join Ongoing Conversations About the Industry

    • is the perfect forum for development and programming professionals researching various topics including how to create plugins for Figma, how to create a custom WordPress block, and more! 
  • Stack Overflow
    • Stack Overflowed is a user-rated developer-focused forum with more than 22,000,000 questions posted to date. 
  • WebDevForums
    • WebDevForums is a go-to forum for those looking for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP tips as well as advice on SEO, Marketing and Web Hosting. 
  • HTML Forums
    • HTML Forums is an HTML and CSS coding community for those looking to engage with other members in the development industry.
  • WordPress Support Forums
    • WordPress Support Forums are focused on solving the toughest problems when it comes to WordPress projects. It is the perfect place to troubleshoot, learn new skills, and share words of wisdom with other web developers.