Top 15 Javascript Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

Do you want to learn Javascript? Are you ready to enhance your existing web development skills? Whether you are in the league of budding Javascript developers or in the process of becoming one, this article is for you! Below, we’ve curated a list of courses and tutorials for you to master the Javascript programming language.

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5 Youtube Tutorials to Learn Javascript

If you’ve been searching for free Javascript tutorials, you’re in luck! There are many resources for folks who want to learn Javascript basics and more advanced Javascript concepts. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find a tutorial that works for you!

Javascript Tutorial for Beginners: Full Course in 12 Hours – Clever Programmer

This course is worth considering for those looking to dive deep into web development. In this 12-hour free Javascript tutorial, Clever Programmer reviews the programming language in detail. Viewers can expect to learn how to build an app, gain an understanding of loops, objects, and arrays, work with APIs, and more!

Code Jeopardy in Javascript – Code with Ania Kubów

Do you want to enhance your Javascript skills and have a bit of fun in the process? On Code with Ania Kubów’s channel, she shows beginner web developers how to improve their Javascript skills through fun, interactive walk-throughs. In this one, students will learn how to use Javascript basics to code a word association game like Jeopardy.

Javascript Crash Course 2022 for Complete Beginners – Codevolution

Are you an absolute beginner? If so, Codevolution’s crash course may be perfect for you. In a little over an hour, this tutorial breaks down what Javascript is, how to run it, and reviews key concepts to get you started on your web development journey. 

Javascript Programming Tutorial for Beginners – Telusko

Need a thorough overview of Javascript? Telusko’s beginner-friendly tutorial gives viewers basic knowledge to get started with this programming language. In a little over 5 hours, viewers can gain an understanding of the history of Javascript, data types, variables, arithmetic operators, fetching elements, and much more!

Javascript Game Development Course for Beginners –

Do you want to learn how to code 2D games? In 9.5 hours, pros at FreeCodeCamp provide a step-by-step guide to developing games using HTML, CSS, and Javascript (without frameworks or libraries). For those wanting to learn how to code parallax backgrounds with Javascript, create a mobile-friendly side-scroller game, or make an endless runner game; this course is for you. 

10 Javascript Courses for Beginners

Searching for an online course or two? Below you’ll find the best online courses to enhance your knowledge of Javascript. Whether you’re starting with absolutely zero experience or you’ve been tinkering with basic programming concepts, there is something for you. Just keep scrolling.

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1. Javascript for Beginners Specialization – University of California via Coursera

Ready to build your skills in Javascript and jQuery? The University of California offers a free course for budding web developers via Coursera. 

Instructor: William Mead

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of how to work with a code editor
  • Learn how to create loops
  • Hone basic knowledge of the jQuery library
  • Analyze syntactical differences between Javascript and jQuery

Cost: Free to audit the course, additional fees may apply to earn a certificate 

2. Javascript Basics for Beginners – Udemy

Want to master Javascript fundamental concepts? Check out this Udemy course taught by Mosh Hamedani. 

Instructor: Mosh Hamedani

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Javascript
  • Hone problem-solving skills that can be applied to the programming language
  • Learn industry best practices and how to apply them

Cost: $99.99

3. Introduction to Cloud Development with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript – IBM via 

Want to hone skills to become a better Cloud Developer? Tune into this course taught by technology and research giant IBM.

Instructor: Rav Ahuja, Upkar Lidder

Learning Objectives: 

  • Become familiar with the Code Development Ecosystem
  • Hone basic knowledge of web development terminology
  • Gain an understanding of industry-standard developer tools and IDEs

Cost: Free to audit, $49 to enroll in the verified track

4. Programming with Javascript – Meta Staff via Coursera

Want to be well-equipped to code for the Meta-verse? Take this programming course from the staff at Meta! 

Instructor: Meta Staff

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of how to create and manipulate objects and arrays
  • Learn how to write unit tests using Jest

Cost: Free to audit the course, additional fees may apply to earn a certificate 

5. 50 Projects in 50 Days: HTML, CSS, & Javascript – Udemy

Looking for a fun way to sharpen your web development skills? Enroll in this course to create 50 fun mini-projects that use HTML, CSS, & Javascript. 

Instructor: Brad Traversy, Florin Pop

Learning Objectives:

  • Use project-based learning methods to improve development skills
  • Gain an understanding of DOM manipulation, array methods, and HTTP requests
  • Learn modern styling with Flexbox and CSS animations

Cost: $84.99

6. Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and Javascript – Udemy

Need a beginner-friendly course to improve your development skills? This project-based course can help!

Instructor: James Quick

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain an understanding of how to use Fetch API to load trivia questions
  • Learn how to code a progress bar and spinning loader icon
  • Hone skills using Flexbox and REM units in CSS

Cost: Free

7. Javascript Basics – Treehouse 

Ready to learn the syntax of the Javascript programming language? Enroll in Treehouse’s beginner-friendly course. 

Instructor: Guil Hernandez

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Javascript is and how it is implemented
  • Gain an understanding of basic syntax
  • Learn how to troubleshoot programming issues

Cost: Free trial available, $25/month to access Treehouse’s course library

8. Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation – Khan Academy

Want to learn how to use Javascript to create illustrations and animations? This course can teach you how.

Instructor: Khan Academy staff

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to make drawings using code
  • Gain a basic understanding of how to use variables to animate drawings

Cost: Free

9. Learn-JS

Need an interactive tutorial? Head over to to learn Javascript basics or advanced concepts in a hands-on way! There are tutorials on a variety of Javascript-related topics such as variables, arrays, operators, pop-up boxes, arrow functions, and more!

Cost: Free

10. Javascript Reference Docs – MDN

For those looking to go beyond the standard course, it might be worth reading through Javascript reference guides compiled by Mozilla. On its developer website, Mozilla shares incredibly detailed documents and tutorials for complete beginners, intermediate Javascript developers, and advanced programmers!

Cost: Free