5 Non-Traditional Ways to Find A Job in 2022

Are you deeply entrenched in an employment search? If you’re looking for ideas on finding leads, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll share 5 non-traditional ways to find employment in this competitive job market. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to discover ways to transition from candidate to new hire. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of technology by attending virtual fairs or remote internship opportunities. 
  • Don’t be afraid to search social media or Slack Communities to find openings.
  • Use information from career boards to improve your resume or conduct research on a potential employer. 

Attend Virtual Job Fairs

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Technology has equipped individuals with the ability to find in-person, hybrid, or remote employment anywhere in the world. Take advantage of that by exploring virtual fairs when searching for job opportunities. Who knows? You could find your dream job or land an interview with a potential employer.

Attending virtual recruiting events allows job seekers to: 

  • Send resumes to multiple companies 
  • Network with business professionals and other candidates
  • Gain direct insight into the competitive employment market
  • Research potential employers
  • Connect with recruiters who are actively looking to hire

Become a Virtual Intern or Volunteer for an Organization

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We’ve talked about the benefits of volunteering before. The potential of landing a position is one of the most overlooked advantages of volunteering or applying for a virtual internship. Think about it for a moment. When you intern or volunteer with a company, you’re able to glean valuable insight that other applicants don’t have access to. Not to mention, virtual internships are wonderful networking opportunities that could lead to your next gig. If you’re hesitant about volunteering or participating in an unpaid internship, we get it. However, keep in mind that, depending on the organization, virtual internships can be paid positions. 

Virtual internships empower job seekers to:

  • Enhance their employability by increasing skills and experience in your industry
  • Conduct a personal connection to the company they wish to work for
  • Prepare for future opportunities in the same industry
  • Gauge if they are interested in pursuing a particular role or career
  • Find mentorship – which can be especially important for those embarking on a new career 

Pitch Creative Ideas to Small Businesses 

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When looking for open positions, what types of companies do you consider? Sometimes, it can be hard to find companies that align with your personal, professional, and financial goals – especially when seeking roles within large corporations. However, don’t let that discourage you! For almost every large corporation, a small business or startup is looking to break into that same industry.

So, take a non-traditional approach to find employment by pitching ideas to hiring managers at small businesses. Search social media and company websites to find the right folks to message or visit the physical location of the business if you can. 

Connect with Recruiters via Slack Communities 

view of a white desk with a laptop on it and a sign that says make it happen

If you want into a hidden job market or simply don’t have time to attend events, try connecting with like-minded individuals via Slack. The online chat platform is a remote work tool that allows users to create or join several virtual communities. So, start networking in Slack communities geared toward pros in your industry or a shared interest (such as a book or sports club). By doing so, you could connect with recruiters and hiring managers; as well as share information, ideas, and resources with other professionals. 

To find job leads in open Slack channels, we recommend researching relevant communities on the following websites:

  • Standuply
  • Reddit
  • Inc
  • Or search for Slack channels via social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Look through job-related hashtags and comments on relevant pages to get started. While it’s certainly non-traditional, a little effort, social media can you find openings quickly! 

Use Online Job Boards to Find Cool Companies 

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Online job boards can be used for more than exploring current job openings. They are also useful for researching potential employers or discovering companies you’ve never heard of. This is especially true for niche career websites like Authentic Jobs that offer job listings and a blog with stellar career advice! So start taking advantage of all of the information job boards aggregate and use it to find jobs that suit your skillset and personality. 

Job boards can help candidates:

  • find an open position
  • research opportunities in their field or industries they’d like to explore
  • write a personalized cover letter for a company 
  • figure out what kind of employee a company is searching for
  • discover a new job you wouldn’t typically look for