Looking for Low-Cost or Free Fonts? Explore these 25 Sites!

Searching high and low for free fonts to use in your design projects? If you’re a graphic designer, web designer, or another creative professional; you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to sites to find fonts for design projects! 

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25 Sites to Find Low-Cost & Free Fonts for Design Projects 

Creative professionals know the value of a fantastic font – especially if it’s free. So, keep scrolling! Below you’ll find 25 sites to keep the cost of your design projects low. 


The name says it all! 1001 Free Fonts is a resource that designers, developers, and other creative professionals can use to find a free font or over 1000 – if you need that many!

Abstract Fonts

With over 10,000 fonts available and the ability for font designers to upload their original typefaces; Abstract Fonts can be a go-to resource for graphic designers and other creative pros. 

Acid Fonts

Looking for something a bit more eccentric than you can find on most sites? Acid Fonts is a good resource for designers who create unique branding, packaging, and advertisements. 


In addition to being a hub for design inspiration, portfolio sharing, and creative advice; Behance is also a resource for finding free fonts for designers. From abstract typefaces to sleek san-serif font families; there are thousands of fonts to be discovered there. 


Similar to Behance, Dribbble is a creative haven for design and art inspiration. There you can find design work, learning resources, and free fonts that are available for commercial use. 

Google Fonts

If you’re looking for high-quality, royalty-free fonts to download, Google Fonts is the perfect solution for personal and professional projects. Need serif, sans serif, display, handwriting, or monospace fonts? Google Fonts’ database has over 1,400 available for free download. 


Looking for a directory with over 10,000 fonts to explore? Whether you’re working on a logo, a set of posters, or mockups for a client; Fawnt can be sourced for your typography needs. 

Font Bundles

For those searching for a collection of TTF files to download, Font Bundles can be a great resource. Much like the name implies, this site is known for providing bundles of low-cost or free fonts for commercial use. But that’s not all! Font Bundles also offers the opportunity to create an online store to sell unique fonts and designs – which is terrific for typography designers or graphic designers interested in sharing their work with a large audience. 


As a digital type foundry with experience designing custom typefaces, it’s safe to say Fontfabric knows a thing or two about letters. Their site includes a directory of affordable fonts for graphic designers with prices starting as low as $9USD. In addition to their collection of typefaces; Fontfabric also has an informative blog that focuses on all things font-related – including the ins and outs of licensing fonts and articles on the evolution of type throughout history. 

Font Freak

If you’re searching for a free download, Font Freak offers over 9000 font options at absolutely no cost! Additionally, their directory lists over 120,000 fonts that can be purchased for commercial use. 

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For those looking for a free font archive, Fontasy can fulfill your needs. With a history dating back to the late 90s and over 1000 options; Fontasy is a trusted source for free fonts for graphic designers, web developers, and anyone else working on a creative project. 


Want a one-stop shop for all of your font needs? Find more than 95,000 free fonts with verified licenses on Fontspace. 

Font Squirrel

Searching for fonts for professional projects and resources to talk type with other designers? Font Squirrel overs a directory for you to find the perfect font family for your project and various tools – including a font identifier and a forum for all things type. 


Are you trying to achieve an attractive design? Want to use it to elevate the look of your website, poster, or another creative project? FontZone offers over 50,000 fonts that designers can download for free. 


Looking for a font site with a little extra flavor? Beyond a mere database for fonts and other typographical elements; Fonstruct is a free font-building tool that helps designers create their very own letterforms. 

Lost Type

Looking for more than free fonts? Lost Type is a collaborative, digital type foundry that offers a pay-what-you-can model to make their work more accessible. 


Want thousands of different fonts at your disposal? MyFonts offers subscriptions for individuals and businesses who want to access several typefaces, prototyping, and access to thousands of TTF files. 


Searching for vector typefaces to make your designs unique? Whether you need one font or a few, NeoGrey might come in handy with options available for personal or professional usage. 

Smashing Magazine

Known as a hub of information for design and development pros, Smashing Magazine is already a go-to resource for many. With their articles on accessibility, UX, CSS, Javascript, and other aspects of development and design; it’s no secret why. And it gets even better – Smashing Magazine can also help you find a free font or two! 


Created by Paul Andrew, with professionals and industry enthusiasts in mind, SpeckyBoy is a design blog worth following. Known for offering articles on web design trends, free templates, and tutorials; it is no surprise that SpeckyBoy is a good resource to find a free font as well. 

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Need a custom font? TypeDepot is a small type foundry and design studio known for its high-quality yet affordable font options. 

The Northern Block

Whether you’re looking for a free download or to purchase a low-cost font family; The Northern Block is a collaborative type foundry that is worth checking out. Known for its modernist approach to typeface design, The Northern Block is great for brands, web professionals, and other creatives looking to stand out from the crowd. And for those who want to test out their designs without incurring any costs; they offer a free section as well. 

Ten by Twenty

If you’re searching for an affordable font that has a SIL Open Font License, Ten by Twenty is a reliable resource! And what’s even better is that you can set your own price for each font and pay what you believe is fair. 

Theme UI

Known for offering freemium content for Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more; Theme UI is often an overlooked option to find a free font. But don’t let their other great UI/UX offerings distract you, Theme UI has a dedicated section for anyone looking for a font family. 


Searching for free handwritten, calligraphy, or graffiti fonts? UrbanFonts has over 8,000 free options – making it perfect for those looking for a little extra flavor than a typical typeface directory offers.