The Top 20 Design Blogs to Follow in 2022

Are you a designer or design enthusiast searching for creative inspiration? 

Wading through the sea of creative design blogs can be overwhelming – which makes it difficult to find the best design tips among the wide range of content that is available. The good news is that Authentic Jobs is here to help!

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In this article, we’ve curated the top 20 design blogs to follow in 2022! So, keep reading!

In this article:

  1. The Best Graphic Design Blogs to Follow
  2. The Top Web Design Blogs to Know
  3. Essential UX Design Blogs to Read
  4. Design Blogs to Learn About Branding
  5. Go-To Design Blogs to Find Inspiration

The Best Graphic Design Blogs to Follow

Creative Boom – This design-focused blog provides creative insight and support for professionals. It has a section specifically dedicated to graphic design and features interviews with prominent designers such as Paula Scher.

Inkbot Design – This graphic design blog is an excellent starting point for those looking for tips, guides, and advice on working as a designer. With topics geared towards freelancers and professionals, their advice can be applied to any design business.

JustCreative – Created by Jacob Cass, this design blog focuses on providing educational resources for young designers who are just breaking into the design industry.

I Love Typography – When it comes to typography blogs, I Love Typography is one to know! Their blog features content on everything from the history of creating fonts, calligraphy, inspirational typography, and everything in between.

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The Top Web Design Blogs to Know

Web Designer Depot – Founded by Walter Api, this blog brings creative professionals together to enjoy design resources. With collaboration being a key feature, Web Designer Depot relies on articles and tutorials submitted by designers and other creative folks from across the globe.

CSS Tricks – Created by Chris Coyler, this blog covers all aspects of web development and design. The topics covered here range from tutorials, code snippets, and general information for web designers. It also has an accompanying YouTube.

1st Web Designer – If you want to learn from a community of creative professionals with a wealth of knowledge in web design, look no further. This blog features content that covers all aspects of web design and development.

Mockplus – Geared towards the creative industries, this web design blog helps designers get through their creative process by providing tutorials, icon packs, and more!

Codrops – This web design and development blog publishes design news articles, tutorials, and insightful pieces on the latest web trends.

SpeckyBoy – Created by Paul Andrew, this design blog provides its readers with everything from free templates and tutorials to interesting articles on the latest trends in web design.

Screenshot of SpeckyBoy site

Essential UX Design Blogs to Read

UX Planet– For those looking to start their journey in user experience design, this blog may be for you. Topics covered included visual inspiration, career advice, and best practices for this budding sector of the design industry. 

UXPin – This user experience design blog covers everything from code-based design and finding a UX creative process that works to create high-fidelity prototypes. In addition to their daily content, UX pin offers an extensive library of UX-focused ebooks. 

The UX Blog – The name says it all. This blog focuses on UX and everything about it – from user experience research, usability testing to user-centered strategies and design thinking.

screenshot of UX site

Design Blogs to Learn About Branding

Brand New – This design blog offers opinionated articles that critique corporate brand identity work. When companies rebrand, this platform showcases the before and after brand assets, for the public to vote on. 

Branding Served – If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your own branding projects, you may find it here. This blog focuses on providing a curated selection of work by leading graphic designers and others in the creative community. 

Identity Designed – This platform showcases branding projects from around the world. Here, you’ll find information about the larger design community as well as articles on various branding design processes. 

Go-To Design Blogs to Find Inspiration

Good Design Makes Me Happy – Founded by designer Hannah Dollery in 2009, this blog is known for its minimal copy and thoughtfully-curated design examples.

Trend List– According to the writers at Trend List, it is “not a criticism of contemporary graphic design. It just points to the fact that graphic design is affected by certain trends.” Much like its name implies, this blog is centered around providing information on the latest trends in design. 

The Design Blog – Known for providing high-quality design inspiration, this blog showcases work from studios and independent designers from across the globe. 

AIGA: Eye on Design – As The Professional Association for Design, AIGA’s blog is definitely a go-to resource for amateurs and pros alike. Their blog, Eye on Design, often features lengthy yet unique articles that touch on every aspect of design. 

screenshot of AIGA site

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