Work From Anywhere: 15 Useful Tools for Remote Teams

Nowadays, remote teams and virtual collaboration are the norms. As technology expands daily, the remote workforce follows the trajectory and continues to challenge the limitations of the traditional office – which often requires folks to be in the same room. And while it is clear that remote work is here to stay, it is increasingly important for employers and companies to hone in on what makes distributed teams thrive. But, what tools do remote employees need to manage projects, assign tasks, or implement time tracking? Can you think of any? If not, no worries! This post is for you. 

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Communication & Corporate Event Tools 

When it comes to remote work, good communication is of vital importance. Below are five remote work tools that can be used to communicate to virtual audiences of various sizes. 

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool that empowers remote teams to collaborate effectively. More than just a messenger, Slack allows for file sharing, conference calls, and project prioritization – all with the goal of keeping remote workers on the same page.

2. Zoom

You’ve heard of Zoom, right? When it comes to remote team tools, Zoom is pretty popular. It allows virtual teams to connect via video calls, phone calls, and even webinars – making it perfect for those looking for platforms that enable screen sharing and the ability to upload files during team meetings. 

3. Google Hangouts

For remote teams that already work within the G-suite, Google Hangouts is a simple communication tool that can be implemented seamlessly. Need to send a quick message, upload files or connect with your team, consider using this well-known communication platform built by one of the biggest tech giants. 

4. Hopin

Planning a corporate event, training workshop, webinar, or digital conference? Hopin may come in handy! With its ability to handle a relatively large audience, and enable break-out sessions and multi-stage virtual event spaces; remote workers can use Hopin at start-ups and corporate giants. 

5. vFairs

Hosting a fair or trade show? vFairs can be used to plan and execute virtual gatherings that are just as interactive as in-person events. 

Project Management & Time Tracking Tools

Timezone alignment and project management are pertinent parts of working remotely. Below are five remote work tools that can be used for time tracking and managing projects across distributed teams. 

1. Asana

Task management is essential when working remotely. After all, important to see team members work in a transparent way that enables a manager to track progress on a particular project. So, if you’re searching for remote working tools that can go beyond a to-do list, consider Asana – an all-in-one project management tool that can keep your tasks and progress in a centralized location. 

2. Trello

For those looking for a robust platform to create to-do lists and grant remote access to multiple team members, Trello is worth trying out. Beyond task management, Trello encourages team communication and a place to store all of your files as you conceptualize, plan and execute your projects. 


For some distributed teams, there are no one-size fits all software tools. Instead, they require something a bit more customizable. That’s where comes in. allows remote teams to build platforms that are tailored to their needs. Remote teams can build CRMS and marketing dashboards using no-code widgets, and more. And if you need another reason to try keep in mind that it integrates with some of the best remote working tools on the market. 

4. Harvest

Need to track time in the virtual office? Want to know how many hours the developers, designers, or creative professionals spent on a project? Harvest allows employees and managers to track their hours and gauge time management skills.

5. Forest App

In the remote workspace, individual workers can benefit from additional tools geared at increasing productivity. One tool that might help with concentration is the forest focus app. With it, employees can set a timer and schedule time for deep focus. During this time, a virtual tree will grow as long as it is left undisturbed.

Creative & Collaborative Tools

Collaboration is at the core of virtual work – so it’s imperative that you have the right tools to handle creative projects, brainstorming sessions, and simple file sharing as well. Below are five remote work tools you can use to access and share files as well as create different projects with your remote team members. 

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

For most creative professionals, Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential tool – remote workers are no exception. With Adobe software tools, one can create a plethora of things, from illustrations to photographs, videos, 3D renderings, and everything in between. But, did you know that it is an awesome collaborative tool as well? As Adobe continues to expand its cloud software offerings and features, more and more collaborative and cloud storage features are being added.

2. Dropbox

File management is one aspect of remote work that can be overlooked. Luckily, there are tools that can help individuals and teams keep track of images, presentations, pdfs, and other documents.

3. WeTransfer

For those who send files frequently, WeTransfer might be a useful tool for you. With its robust server that is able to handle large file sizes and its branding features; it can be used by freelancers, startups, and companies big or small.


Looking to take document collaboration to the next level? enables remote teams to create smart documents for every process they have to track – from invoices internal documents, and meeting notes to external documents, training procedures, and more! And what’s even better is that enables users to add any type of content – including images, gifs, code blocks, tables, and web links.

5. Canva

Designers, content creators, and other creative professionals who work on remote teams may have specific needs when it comes to remote working tools. For those needing design software that is quick and collaborative, Canva can become a go-to – allowing users to whip up designs in flash and share them with teammates near or far.