What is AI Prompt Engineering? Job Description & Key Responsibilities

The world is changing rapidly. Those changes can be seen, most immediately, by looking at the economy and the emerging technologies being revealed daily. These days, remote work is incredibly common, and artificial intelligence is being integrated into nearly every industry in some capacity. While this is certainly an exciting time to be alive, it begs the question, “Where do humans fit into all of this change?” Well, looking at the broader picture one could argue that humans are the catalyst for this paradigm shift and we are the ones that will help it evolve. Take the role of an AI prompt engineer for instance. It is a job role that is emerging across several industries. But even though the popularity of this position is on the rise, it is still a bit unclear what a prompt engineer does – which is why we created this post. Below, we’ll take a closer look at prompt engineering and what this role may entail in the days to come.

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The Role of an AI Prompt Engineer

AI Prompt Engineers are professionals who are tasked with drafting, refining, and optimizing text prompts that are fed into artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT or AI image-generating platforms such as MidJourney AI. But those aren’t the only two platforms. As technologies continue to evolve, Prompt Engineers may encounter a plethora of AI platforms that they will have to familiarize themselves with and feed data into – which is a critical part of this emerging job role.

According to sources such as Time Magazine, this job position is far from the typical engineering role. In fact, it doesn’t require advanced coding skills at all. Instead, it relies on familiarity with large language models such as ChatGPT, Bard AI, Amazon Codewhisperer, Replika, Open AI Playground, and many, many more.

“With the rise in generative artificial intelligence, a host of companies are now looking to hire ‘prompt engineers’ who are tasked with training the emerging crop of AI tools to deliver more accurate and relevant responses to the questions real people are likely to pose.”

Nik Popli, The AI Job That Pays Up to $335K – and You Don’t Need a Computer Engineering Background, Time Magazine

Essentially, folks who fill the role of Prompt Engineer will help companies train AI tools and integrate them into their workflows. And while it is too soon to tell how popular this role will become, prompt engineering, AI research engineering, and similar roles can be seen popping up on various job boards – including Authentic Jobs.

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Key Reponsibilities for AI Prompt Engineers

Responsibilities for folks in this role will vary greatly depending on which organization they work for. However, some common responsibilities may include:

  • Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to discuss product development, identify uses of AI tools, and figure out ways algorithms can make workflows more efficient.
  • Drafting, refining, and testing text prompts to make sure they are yielding the desired outcome.
  • Integrating AI chatbots, image generators, and coding platforms into the company’s workflows efficiently.
  • Optimizing text prompts based on feedback from colleagues, users, and key stakeholders.
  • Staying up to date with the latest developments in AI and machine learning.

What Employers Look for in an AI Prompt Engineer

Employers who are seeking candidates for Prompt Engineering roles are looking at a variety of skills and characteristics to determine who is a good fit. The specific skills needed for this role will undoubtedly vary depending on which company one is applying to. However, companies are looking for a few key skills for applicants to come equipped with. Those skills include:

  • The ability to collaborate and communicate effectively. Communication is paramount when it comes to this role. So, is collaboration. If you’re seeking a career as a Prompt Engineer, make sure that you are equipped to work well with others.
  • In-depth knowledge of algorithms, machine learning, and various AI models. This may include knowing the history behind various AI models, what the limitations are, and having first-hand experience experimenting with how specific AI platforms function.
  • Basic coding skills may be required depending on the company but is not necessarily required by everyone hiring for this role.
  • An advanced degree (such as Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Machine Learning) may help but is not necessarily required. For some prompt engineering roles, employers will base their evaluation on your experience and skills instead of over-emphasizing a candidate’s educational background.