5 Tips for an Impressive Job Interview Presentation

Have you ever been asked to prepare a presentation for a job interview? As one advances through their career, interview presentations can become a regular occurrence – especially for those seeking remote job positions.

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For some people, the thought of an interview presentation can be a bit daunting. But, it doesn’t need to be an arduous process. In this post, we’ll cover 5 tips that will help you ace your next job interview presentation with ease! Just keep reading.

In this post:

  1. 3 Reasons Why You Might Be Asked to Give A Presentation
  2. 5 Tips to Get Your Through Your Interview Presentation

3 Reasons Why You Might Be Asked to Give A Presentation

During a job interview, the employer needs to assess how the ideal candidate will fit into the current structure of the organization. However, when it comes to delivering presentations during the interview process, some candidates may have questions. 

Candidates may wonder, “Where do I go to find free fonts to create a stellar presentation for my job interview?” or “Why am I being asked to give a presentation?”

And, the truth is that there are many reasons why a company might request a presentation during the interview process. Here is our insight on a few of those reasons: 

  1. The employer wants to see strong communication skills in action and assess how confident the candidate is.
  2. The company wants to gauge if the candidate has the skills required to pull off an impressive interview presentation in a short amount of time.
  3. An interview panel or hiring manager may want to use interview presentations to assess how much value candidates can bring to their organization.

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5 Tips To Get You Through Your Interview Presentation

  1. Research the company so you can know your audience.
  2. Before the interview, practice your delivery.
  3. Remember to take a deep breath before speaking.
  4. Maintain eye contact as much as possible.
  5. Use images and video clips to explain complex ideas and tell a compelling story.

Know your audience.

When delivering your interview presentation, think of your audience. Ideally, you know a bit of information about your prospective employer – keep that top of mind when you present! 

Remember, this is a test to see how well you fit into the current structure of the organization. So, give a presentation as if you were already an employee of the company. Do your research ahead of time and speak as confidently as you can. 

Practice your delivery.

It’s important to be prepared for every part of the interview process – especially if you are required to give a presentation. Many interview presentations are requested on short notice, so be sure to practice your delivery whenever you have time. Focus on your tone and how your audience may perceive your words.

Take a deep breath.

Interviews can cause some to feel overwhelmed. So, before you begin your interview presentation; take a deep breath. Remember that your hiring manager, interview panel, and other attendees want you to succeed. Breathe, smile, then begin.

Maintain eye contact.

To appear confident during your virtual or in-person interview presentation, you should do two things consistently: stand tall and maintain eye contact. Looking at the audience can be daunting (even during remote job interviews), so do your best! And, remember – eye contact is just one of the many ways humans connect with one another.

Use visual aids.

Interview panels assign presentations to gauge how candidates would tackle presenting to external clients, investors, and internal departments. Our advice? Use visual aids whenever possible! And remember to create a backup plan in case any of your video clips or images fail to load during the presentation.