Free Books & Courses to Advance Ruby on Rails Skills

How familiar are you with Ruby on Rails? It is a web application development framework authored by David Heinemeier Hansson. And it is used by well-known technology companies like Twitch, Hulu, Soundcloud, and Spotify. So, for web developers looking to take their tech careers to new heights, becoming well-versed in the Ruby programming language is certainly worth considering! If you’re wondering where to learn Ruby on Rails or expand your current skills, just keep reading! This article includes a list of Ruby on Rails tutorials and free programming books geared toward beginner and experienced developers alike. 

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5 Core Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

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Developers are tasked with having a wide variety of programming skills. For those experienced with Ruby on Rails, the advantages of using it over other frameworks may be clear. For complete beginners, below are 5 core advantages of learning rails. 

  1. Ruby on Rails is an all-in-one, full-stack framework which makes it an efficient programming experience for front-end and back-end developers alike. 
  2. RoR is open-source, which makes it a cost-effective solution for startups, large companies, and individuals who build web apps. 
  3. RoR features test automation, making test-driven development more efficient overall. 
  4. Ruby on Rails has built-in safety features, making it a secure platform for developers to build web applications. 
  5. Ruby on Rails has a strong community of novice and experienced developers that depend on each other for advice on portfolio projects, coding tips, and other concerns within the rails framework. 

Beginner-Friendly & Intermediate/Expert Rails Tutorials & Courses

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Free Beginner-Friendly Ruby on Rails Learning Resources

Are just beginning to learn Ruby? Looking for a rails course that is budget and beginner-friendly? Below are a few suggestions for courses you can take to start learning the basic concepts behind one of the most popular development frameworks on the market. 

Free Intermediate & Expert Ruby on Rails Learning Resources 

Familiar with Ruby programming? Already have experience working with Ruby on Rails? The curated selection of free courses, below, is intended to advance Ruby skills and empower developers to build industrial-strength web applications. 

Free Programming Books & Reference Documentation for Ruby Developers

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Introduction to Programming with Ruby by Launch School

  • A book geared towards development professionals who want to learn Ruby. This text is perfect for developers who are just starting out or those adding Ruby to their repertoire of programming languages. 

Learn Ruby the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw

  • This literature is meant for those who want to immerse themselves in the Ruby programming language. The free HTML version of this book contains chapters on all things Ruby-related including notes on accessing elements of arrays, designing and debugging, and learning how to perform object-oriented programming.

  • A reference resource that an experienced programmer or beginner developer can use to find Ruby-related classes, modules, and tips.

  • A website with aggregated reference documentation about Ruby projects hosted on GitHub.


  • A collection of Ruby on Rails and RSpec documentation meant for a professional rails developer or a novice who just set out to learn ruby programming.