UI/UX in Demand: 20 Popular Job Titles for UI Designers and UX Designers in 2022

The demand for UI/UX designers is increasing1 as remote work and virtual social interactions become the norm in 2022. But, after years of uncertainty and bouts of isolation; is anyone surprised that there has been an influx of electronics, digital applications, and video conferencing software? We doubt you are!

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After all, recent data2 shows that 62% of our global population uses technology to work and connect with others across geographical space and time. So, it’s no secret that our society’s ever-growing need, for user-centric tech, is impacting the UI/UX design industry.

Are you a tech-savvy individual looking to join the league of UI/UX Designers that develop products and create dynamic digital experiences? If so, keep reading! In this post, we’ll explain what UI/UX design is in a nutshell and provide a list of popular job titles you can expect to see in this industry, in 2022 and beyond.

A Brief Overview of UI/UX: Is it one role or two?

The term “UI/UX” is often used interchangeably; which creates confusion when it comes to discussing the ins and outs of this budding industry. However, if you’re looking to break into this field; you must know the difference between UI and UX design and how these two tech-fueled careers collaborate.

What exactly is UI/UX design? Well, at some companies, UI/UX tasks are assigned to a single individual who takes a product through its entire design process. In other cases, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers are separate roles that work in tandem; with UI pros focusing on a product’s visual elements and UX experts honing in on how a user will interact with it.

User Interface Designers

  • designs visual elements
  • plans a product’s visual aesthetic
  • selects color and typography
  • creates mockups and graphics

User Experience Designers

  • designs interactions
  • charts user pathways
  • conducts research
  • creates wireframes and prototypes

10 UI Design Job Titles to Search for in 2022

  1. User Interface (UI) Designer
  2. Visual Designer
  3. UI Strategist
  4. Content Strategist
  5. UI Innovator
  6. Lead User Experience Designer
  7. UI Writer
  8. Product Designer
  9. UI Graphic Designer
  10. Motion Designer

  1. User Experience (UX) Designer
  2. Interaction Designer
  3. UX Researcher
  4. UX Architect
  5. Experience Designer
  6. Junior UX Designer
  7. UX Prototyper
  8. Lead Experience Designer
  9. Information Architect
  10. Product Designer

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