The Next Silicon Valley? 4 Alternatives to San Francisco for Tech Workers

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Predictions of the next Silicon Valley are like the weather: every day there’s a new forecast.

There’s no denying that the Bay Area is the beating heart of America’s tech industry. Over half of all tech jobs in San Francisco pay above $100,000 per year to meet the high cost of living in the area.

San Francisco might seem unachievable for those just starting out in tech. Fortunately, several tech hubs are growing in the United States, offering more manageable real estate costs with the same job security.

Austin, Texas

Austin is no stranger to developers and designers. As the headquarters of SXSW, tech folk flock to the Texan capital every year to learn about the latest, greatest, and weirdest things that tech has to offer.

Austin’s sunny weather is a stark contract to San Francisco’s infamous fog. What’s more, it has a similarly low level of unemployment – something which tends to influence industry growth.

Like San Francisco, Austin’s growing economic power equates to higher living costs across the board. That’s likely why most of its postings reflect higher-salary job titles.

If BBQ and country music seem like the perfect after-work entertainment, check out developer and design jobs in Austin.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle trades SF’s fog for rain. It should come as no surprise that tech jobs are booming in Seattle, as it’s a popular headquarters for established giants including Amazon and Microsoft. This contributes to Seattle offering a slightly higher percentage of high-paying jobs than San Francisco.

Startups are starting to find more ground in Seattle, too. Zillow and Moz are popular success stories offering plenty of hiring growth over the next few years.

For now, Seattle offers a lower cost of living than the Bay Area. If you want to feel like you’re living in a forested city, check out web creator jobs in Seattle.

Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking to move to a truly up-and-coming tech hub, look no further than Boulder or Portland. Both offer a similar quality of work as tech centres like Austin, but on a much smaller, more affordable scale.

These cities hire for the same lucrative, highly specialized positions as San Francisco and Seattle. But what they lack in recognition for their tech industries is more than made up for in lower costs of living, steady growth, and lifestyle.

Portland is famous for its walkability and bicycle community, as well as its extensive network of public parks. If you want to help keep Portland weird, check out open jobs for on Authentic.

Boulder on the other hand offers both a steady supply of craft beer and rock-solid mountaineering. See any open listings on our website.

Finding a New Home

Deciding where to target a job search is only the first step. The hardest part is finding a position which fits your career goals. There are a few things you can do regardless of whether your destination.

  • Check LinkedIn for shared connections in your dream city
  • Explore job boards like Authentic for the perfect position
  • Reach out to the specific organizations you’d like to work with regardless of whether they’re advertising positions

This last point puts you on the map for potential employers. Expressing interest before a position is even available can make the hiring process easier.

Staying in Touch

It’s unlikely that Silicon Valley will be replaced by another tech hub any time soon. But San Francisco isn’t the only option for talented designers, developers, and business leaders looking for job security and community.

Look beyond the Bay Area, and you might just find the perfect locale — and a dream job to go with it.

Wherever you roam, Authentic Jobs has a job for you.

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