The Top 5 Remote Work Quotes to Inspire a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are you a digital nomad? Did you recently join the remote workforce? Or, are you an experienced work-from-home employee searching for remote work quotes to stay inspired? No matter what role you play in the remote work community, the quotes you find here are sure to inspire you on your journey to striking a healthy work-life balance. So, keep reading.

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5 Work From Home Quotes About Finding Balance

“I find that I am much more creative when I’ve actually taken care of myself.”

– Arianna Huffington, Founder of HuffPost

The ability to establish a healthy work-life balance may be the biggest benefit of working remotely. Think about it. When we fail to take care of ourselves, our work suffers as well. Eventually, that neglect can lead to burnout. Luckily, remote jobs empower employees to take time for themselves and save time and money on commuting. 

With the ability to strike a healthy balance between one’s work and personal life, employees are likely to be more innovative – as Arianna Huffington, founder of HuffPost puts so concisely in the quote above.

“Work-life balance is not just a buzzy, self-help term that real business people laugh at. You need it.”

– Stephanie Ruhle, Leading Broadcast Journalist & Senior Business Analyst for NBC News

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to draw the line between work and home life when you have a remote job. However, it’s important to find balance and figure out a routine that works for your overall well-being.

The good news is that setting healthy boundaries is possible with a little effort. For instance, creating a stress-free zone to work in and establishing an after-work routine can increase remote work productivity during working hours and greatly improve one’s social life as well.

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“People today really value workplace flexibility and remote work because it allows them to focus their energies on work and life as opposed to commuting.” 

– Ken Matos, VP of Research at Life Meets Work

Ken Matos said it best. In exchange for long morning or evening commutes, folks who work remotely can opt to take an exercise class, spend time with their loved ones or pick up a hobby they’ve been wanting to try.  Remote work equals less time spent driving, taking trains, catching taxis, or walking to work, and more time spent doing the things you enjoy in life.

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” 

– Betsy Jacobson, Business Consultant

Boundaries are important in any relationship – one’s relationship with their career is no exception. So, know when to call it quits and when to put in a few extra hours. Feeling inspired in the morning? There’s nothing wrong with hopping online a few minutes early to get the workday started! On the contrary, if you’re feeling a bit burnout, use your scheduled time off or weekends to relax! At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. 

“Always take some of the play, fun, freedom, and wonder of the weekend into your week and your work.” 

– Rasheed Ogunlaru, Life Coach

With the ability to connect anytime across time zones, it can be easy to build a great virtual culture with your colleagues or other remote workers in your industry. So, share your ideas on working from one’s dining room table, having a dedicated break room, or any other tips you may have for remote work success – surely, there’s someone out there with a shared mindset. 

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