5 Essential Interview Questions for iOS Developers to Prepare For

Are you an iOS Developer preparing for a job interview? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, you’ll find the top 5 interview questions and answers for iOS developers. So, before you meet with your prospective employer, read this!

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In this post:

  1. Can you describe the iOS architecture?
  2. What is Xcode?
  3. Can you name the two programming languages used for iOS development?
  4. What is the purpose of Siri and how does the Siri Shortcuts feature work?
  5. In your experience, what is the role of an iOS developer?

Can you describe the iOS architecture?

As an iOS developer, it is essential that you know how iOS works and how users interact with Apple devices. While this question may seem a bit broad, it is an excellent opportunity for your prospective employer to gauge your knowledge of iOS application development. At the core of this question is a desire to know if you understand how gestures like swiping and tapping work on iOS.

When asked this question or a similar one, you can answer by saying:

The iOS architecture is comprised of multiple layers that define its overall functionality. Those layers include:

  • Cocoa Touch
  • Media
  • Core Services
  • Core OS

If asked to elaborate on any of these abstraction layers, make sure y0u are knowledgeable about their purpose. Reference the information below to compose a concise and well-educated answer.

Cocoa Touch – this layer of the iOS architecture contains a variety of frameworks that control the appearance of an app. Cocoa Touch refers to the underlying infrastructure that supports functions such as push notifications and touch-based input.

Media – this layer contains the technologies that iOS developers use to create multimedia experiences. In this layer of the iOS architecture, you’ll find technologies that control audio, video, and other graphics.

Core Services – this layer houses the key services needed for app functionality. Within the iOS architecture, this layer is responsible for defining the basic frameworks that all apps use in addition to supporting features such as location services, social media apps, and iCloud storage.

Core OS – this layer is essential for iOS security features because it includes technologies that control local authentication and Bluetooth.

What is Xcode?

For iOS app developers, it’s important to know about Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), Xcode, because it is essential for building iOS applications.

When asked about Xcode, be sure to mention the following:

Xcode is Apple’s IDE and it contains core features for iOS development including:

  • Interface Builder
  • Continuous integration
  • Source Editor
  • XCTest Framework
  • iOS Simulator

Can you name the two fundamental programming languages used for iOS development?

As an iOS developer, you may be taken aback by this question. However, it commonly comes up in interviews – especially for those who are applying for entry-level positions within tech companies. This question is not meant to offend. On the contrary, big-picture questions open up a dialogue on the pros and cons of each programming language and your experience(s) with them.

To answer this question concisely, you can mention:

iOS has two fundamental programming languages that are essential for development. Those include Swift and Objective-C.

You can elaborate even further by explaining your experience coding with Swift and/or Objective-C and stating your opinion on which one is more useful and developer-friendly.

What is the purpose of Siri and how does the Siri Shortcuts feature work?

Surely, you’ve heard of Siri, and likely, your prospective employer assumes that as well. However, this question may still come up. When asked this or a similar question, consider your experience with Siri and its overall functionality.

You can say something along the lines of:

Siri is Apple’s voice-responsive technology that enables users to access mobile apps and iPhone’s accessibility features without touching the device. Siri can be used across Apple’s electronic devices.

If the Siri Shortcuts feature is mentioned, you can expand on your answer by stating.

Siri Shortcuts is a feature that was introduced recently. This feature allows Siri to suggest shortcuts throughout the day based on user interactions. For instance, Siri may suggest a shortcut for Apple Maps in the afternoon if you tend to travel around the same time on a daily basis.

In your experience, what is the role of an iOS developer?

Questions like this are excellent opportunities to inject information about your work experiences into the conversation. So, come prepared with an interesting and thorough answer. 

In addition to talking about your personal and professional experiences as a developer, consider using a few of the bullet points listed below to give an overall of iOS developer responsibilities. You can mention the following:

An iOS developer is a software engineer who uses programming languages to design and develop mobile applications that run on iOS-enabled devices. iOS developers are usually skilled in both Objective-C and Swift programming languages. 

While responsibilities will undoubtedly vary from job to job, you can mention some of the core ios developer responsibilities that are listed below.

iOS developers are responsible for:

  • developing iOS applications that function properly for iOS users 
  • developing and deploying complex querying mechanics 
  • seeking creative and tech-savvy solutions to meet the needs of the companies that code applications for
  • exploring, prototyping, and executing code across multiple apps 
  • innovating continuously to contribute to the iOS development community