20 HTML Tutorials for Developers & Designers

Are you ready to take your HTML skills up a notch? Whether you’re a novice programmer or a seasoned developer, you can benefit from reading this post! Below, we’ve curated a selection of 20, high-quality HTML tutorials just for you! All you have to do is keep scrolling to find easy tutorials for absolute beginners and advanced HTML tutorials for those well-versed in web development.

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Beginner-friendly Tutorials to Learn Basic HTML 

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1. Learn HTML in 1 Hour – Programming with Mosh

Need to learn HTML quickly? In one hour, Programming with Mosh provides a basic understanding of HTML – briefly reviewing the best practices for formatting code, inspecting HTTP requests, and validating web pages.

2. HTML for Beginners Full Course- FreeCodeCamp.org 

Want a complete HTML course that’s beginner-friendly? Watch this comprehensive tutorial to learn to write programming languages like experienced web developers. In this 4-hour-long video tutorial, Free Code Camp covers all the basics and more. 

3. HTML in 10 Minutes – Simplilearn

Want to learn HTML and CSS quickly? Simplilearn provides a brief tutorial that reviews basic web architecture, the fundamentals of HTML, what a CSS file is, notes on Javascript libraries, and tips for creating websites – all compiled in a video that is only 10 minutes long. 

4. HTML & CSS Full Course: Beginner to Pro 2022 – SuperSimpleDev

Do you want to become a software engineer? If so, tune into SuperSimpleDev’s HTML & CSS course! In this 6.5-hour-long video, he will review HTML basics, CSS fundamentals, text styles, nested layouts technique, CSS grid, hovers, transitions, shadows, and more!

5. Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 Crash Course – DesignCourse

Ready to start your journey into the world of web design and development? DesignCourse’s 2-hour-long tutorial explains how code works, and what mobile-first CSS is, then walks viewers through the process of coding a web design from beginning to end. 

6. HTML5 Full Course for Beginners – David Gray

Want a detailed tutorial that offers a wealth of knowledge on HTML? David Gray’s free course on Youtube is over 4-hours-long and comprised of ten chapters that review everything from text basics to semantic tags, creating tables and more. 

7. HTML & CSS for Beginners Mega Course – Envato Tuts+

Creating websites is no easy feat. Luckily online tutorials like this one exist. In this 7-hour-long mega course, web development professionals explain the ins and outs of programming languages. After taking the course, viewers will have a basic understanding of what HTML is, how to create an HTML element, how to display tabular data, the function of CSS selectors, the CSS box model, and much more – everything one needs to create responsive web design! 

8. HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Code with Sahand

Looking to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript? Get started on your journey to becoming a web design and development professional with this 6-hour-long project-based tutorial from Code with Sahand.

9. HTML Tutorial for Beginners in 12 Min – Skills Factory

Starting your web development journey? If you’re looking for a crash course to get your first web page off the ground, watch this. In this quick, 12-minute tutorial you’ll learn the basics of HTML editors and CSS files.

10. HTML Crash Course for Complete Beginners – Codevolution

If you need an introductory course to work on your own website, then you’re in luck. Codevolution 1-hour-long tutorial is geared toward the absolute beginner who wants to, eventually, become a web designer. 

Advanced HTML & CSS tutorials for Developers & Designers

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11. Advanced HTML5 CSS3 Concepts Crash Course – Codedamn 

Ready to take your HTML skills to the next level? Watch this 2-hour-long crash course from Codedamn. In this video tutorial, viewers will learn about meta tags, HTML entities, CSS specificity, pseudo-elements, and more. 

12. Learn HTML Advanced – Curious Byte

Looking to learn more advanced HTML skills than you currently possess? Curious Byte’s video goes beyond the basics of web pages to discuss meta tags, how to add functionality to forms, and more. 

13. Full Page: 20 Advanced CSS & HTML Techniques – Astrit

Want to learn how to build an entire landing page from beginning to end? Tune into Astrit’s video tutorial! It includes 20 advanced techniques web designers and web developers can use when working with CSS or HTML. 

14. Tutorial: Build Glass Website With HTML & CSS – Dev Ed

Are you trying to make a web page that resembles glass? If so, Dev Ed has the right tutorial for you! In a 45-minute video, he shows viewers how to code a glass web design that can be used when designing websites of their own. 

15. Rare But Super Useful HTML5 tags – Dev.Doodle

Do you want to become a better web developer? In a video tutorial that is less than ten minutes long, Dev.Doodle reviews useful (yet rare) HTML5 tags you can use in your next development project.

16. HTML Advanced Tutorials – The Content Model

Want to learn more about inline elements or HTML5 content types? This tutorial reviews flow content, metadata content, embedded content, and more advanced HTML5 concepts. 

17. Creating Advanced HTML5 Forms – Real Code Programmer 

Need to create a sign-up form for your website? Watch Real Code Programmer’s YouTube channel for tutorials – like this one on creating dynamic forms using HTML5 and CSS. 

18. How to Write Better HTML & CSS – Dani Krossing

If you want to improve your HTML & CSS skills, watch this. In this quick tutorial, Dani Krossing reviews general coding tips you can apply to all of your front-end development projects. 

19. Intro to HTML: Advanced HTML Elements – Web Dev Simplified 

Do you want to learn more about HTML elements and how they are used to build websites? Tune into this quick, less-than-15-min, tutorial from Web Dev Simplified. 

20. Magic Tricks with the HTML Parser – Google Chrome Developers

Ready to dive into the HTML Parser? Watch this in-depth conversation between web-development pros – in which they review how to format elements, stream a response with fetch, create a detached HTML document, and create a streaming HTML parser in JavaScript.