150 Interview Questions for Front End Developers

Are you a front-end developer? Is your company looking to hire one? Either way, it is extremely important to be prepared for the interview process. And, let’s be honest – knowing a few sample interview questions simply won’t cut it. If you want to ace the interview, it is imperative that you are thoroughly prepared. So, to help, we’ve compiled 150 of the most common interview questions you are likely to encounter during your interview as a Front End Developer.

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In this post you’ll find:

  1. General Interview Questions
  2. Interview Questions about HTML
  3. Interview Questions about CSS
  4. Interview Questions about JavaScript
  5. Interview Questions about WordPress
  6. Interview Questions about Accessibility

General Interview Questions (#1-25)

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
  2. How did you learn about this position?
  3. Can you walk me through your resume?
  4. Why do you want to work for this company?
  5. How did your career begin?
  6. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a developer?
  7. Can you tell me about a recent development project  that you’re proud of?
  8. What are your long-term career goals?
  9. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  10. Can you tell me about a time when you had a failed project and what you would do differently to ensure its success?
  11. What excites you about the tech industry?
  12. What are your go-to SEO techniques?
  13. What do you like about coding?
  14. What programming languages are you familiar with?
  15. What is your general workflow when it comes to creating and coding a web page?
  16. What operating systems do you have experience working with?
  17. What’s your favorite part about working on web development?
  18. How well do you collaborate with other developers?
  19. What skills do you want to hone as a web developer?
  20. Can you explain your experience with front end security?
  21. Can you tell me about your typical day in your most recent position as a developer?
  22. What are your favorite types of front-end development projects to work and why do you enjoy them?
  23. Are you inspired by anyone in the front-end community?
  24. Do you have any passion projects?
  25. Why should we hire you over other developers?

Interview Questions about HTML (#26-50)

  1. Can you explain what a tag is in regards to HTML?
  2. What is a hyperlink?
  3. Can you explain the advantages of using HTML versus a programming language?
  4. What video formats can you embed on HTML5 web pages?
  5. What is the difference between HTML and CSS?
  6. Can you explain the difference between HTML and Javascript?
  7. How have you implemented HTML5 in your projects?
  8. What are some of the new features that have been introduced in HTML5?
  9. Can you explain what a semantic element is in regards to HTML5?
  10. What is the difference between semantic and non-semantic elements?
  11. Can you explain what Geolocation API is used for?
  12. What HTML5 Graphics are you familiar with?
  13. Can you list some of the formatting tags in HTML5?
  14. What is a <figure> in HTML5?
  15. What does SVG stand for?
  16. Are you familiar with <meta> tags?
  17. What techniques would you use to optimize website assets?
  18. Can you explain the differences between SVG and Canvas?
  19. What is the difference between session storage and cookies?
  20. Can you explain what local storage is?
  21. How would you use a manifest file?
  22. What are some of the attributes of Audio Tag in HTML5?
  23. What are the essential elements in every HTML file?
  24. What happens when the HTML document does not contain a valid <!DOCTYPE>?
  25. Can you explain if HTML5 is backward compatible with older browsers? Why or why not?

Interview Questions about CSS (#51-75)

  1. What does CSS stand for?
  2. Tell us, what is the box model in CSS? 
  3. What CSS properties are a part of the box model?
  4. Can you explain what a CSS framework is?
  5. What is a CSS float?
  6. Are you familiar with CSS Grid?
  7. Do you know the difference between CSS Grid and Flexbox?
  8. What techniques would you use to implement a web design that use non-standard fonts?
  9. Can you explain how you would troubleshoot browser-specific styling issues?
  10. How could you visually hide content, while making it accessible for screen readers?
  11. Can you explain what a keyword driven framework is? 
  12. What are pseudo elements used for?
  13. What is px in relation to typography?
  14. What is the unit em used for?
  15. What is the difference between coding a responsive website and using a mobile-centric strategy?
  16. Can you explain the difference between inline and inline-block?
  17. When it comes to CSS, what does “important” mean?
  18. Can you explain what CSS Sprites are?
  19. Tell us, which property is used to strikethrough and underline text?
  20. Can you explain what the different types of selectors are in CSS?
  21. What does VH/VW refer to?
  22. What is the font-family property used for?
  23. What is adaptive design?
  24. What is responsive design?
  25. What is a content-box and how does it differ from a border-box?

Interview Questions about JavaScript (#76-100)

  1. What is JavaScript in a nutshell?
  2. Can you explain how a developer would access HTML elements with JavaScript?
  3. How is data stored with JavaScript?
  4. What does functional programming mean in the context of JavaScript?
  5. What does negative infinity mean?
  6. Is ASP script faster than JavaScript?
  7. How do you declare variables in JavaScript?
  8. What are undeclared variables?
  9. What are undefined variables?
  10. When it comes to JavaScript, what are global variables?
  11. What is the function of a prompt box?
  12. Can you explain the difference between a viewstate and a session state?
  13. How would you change the style/class of an element?
  14. How do you read and write a file using JavaScript?
  15. What is the function of the delete operator when it comes to JavaScript?
  16. How do developers use Void (0)?
  17. What is a confirmation box?
  18. What is an alert box?
  19. Can you explain what escape characters are?
  20. What are cookies?
  21. How can you use the blur function?
  22. Can you explain what variable typing is?
  23. What is indexOf?
  24. How does try catch work?
  25. What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

Interview Questions about WordPress(#101-125)

  1. Do you know when WordPress was released?
  2. Can you talk about the current version of WordPress and what makes it different?
  3. Can you name the two types of hooks in WordPress?
  4. How do hooks function?
  5. Can you explain what you need to run WordPress?
  6. Can you list some of the features of WordPress?
  7. What are plugins?
  8. How is content stored in WordPress?
  9. What is the difference between posts and pages?
  10. What are hooks and how are they used in WordPress?
  11. Can you explain WordPress Taxonomies?
  12. What are the SEO benefits of using WordPress?
  13. How would you develop a WordPress plugin?
  14. Can you explain what a template tag is?
  15. How would you handle a hacked WP website?
  16. What is the definition of a meta-tag?
  17. Can you host WordPress sites using Amazon Web Services?
  18. Tell us, what is your experience with developing WordPress websites?
  19. What are must-have skills for a WordPress developer?
  20. How can you optimize your WP site for SEO?
  21. Do WP sites require that you have a blog?
  22. What is a custom field?
  23. What are the benefits of developing with WordPress?
  24. What is the default prefix of WordPress tables?
  25. Can you explain what a WordPress loop is?

Accessibility Interview Questions for Developers (#126-150)

  1. What is your definition of inclusive design?
  2. Can you provide an example of inclusive/universal design?
  3. Are you familiar with assistive technologies? If so, can you list them?
  4. Has your approach to accessibility changed over the course of your career? If so, how?
  5. How are header elements useful for web applications?
  6. What are the benefits and limitations of skip links?
  7. Have you ever performed or participated in an accessibility audit?
  8. Can you name an instance where an automated test would not flag an accessibility error?
  9. Why is modifying a user’s normal scrolling behavior problematic?
  10. What does scrolljacking mean?
  11. How would you educate coworkers about the importance of inclusive design?
  12. What are some ways mobile first design strategies can affect accessibility?
  13. Can you explain what an accessibility tree is?
  14. What does focus trapping mean?
  15. Does focus trapping hinder accessibility?
  16. Do you know if screen readers can understand CSS pseudo content?
  17. What is an alt image tag and why is it important?
  18. How can you make vector illustrations accessible to users with screen readers?
  19. Can you describe methods to hide content from sighted users, but not screen reader users?
  20. Can you discuss the pros and cons of skeuomorphic as it relates to accessibility?
  21. What steps can you take to make infographics accessible for screen reader users?
  22. How can you make vector illustrations accessible to users with screen readers?
  23. Can you explain the importance of color contrast when creating inclusive designs?
  24. Does the use of animation in an interface affect the user experience? If so, how?
  25. How do you implement inclusivity into your personal design process?

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