12 Jobs for Creative Professionals + FREE Icon Set

Are you an artist, designer, or code-savvy creative professional looking for a job? The next time you find yourself entrenched in your search for employment, refer to this list of job titles to make sure you’re searching for roles that really resonate with you. Want more than a list? Keep scrolling to find a free icon set that you can start using for your creative projects, today!

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Digital Designer

Creative Director

Graphic Designer

Technical Designer

Product Designer

Digital Communication Specialist

User Experience Designer

Web Designer

Content Strategist


Design Consultant

Brand Designer

Do any of these job titles peak your interest? If so, here are free vector icons you can use to illustrate skills on your resume or add a bit of flair to your profile on a professional networking site.

icon set for creative  professionals
The free icon set includes Adobe Illustrator (AI), PNG, and SVG file formats in a zipped folder


Now that you have downloaded the free design icons and you’re armed with a list of job titles, keep reading for descriptions of job roles for creative pros, like yourself. 

1. Digital Designer

A digital designer is a person hired to design digital assets for an array of multimedia projects. While specific assignments will vary depending on which company a digital designer works for, some common responsibilities include email campaign design, ui design, social media asset creation, and style guide design, among other tasks. Our advice for anyone looking to assume the title of digital designer is to invest in learning design and development tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

2. Creative Director

The role of a creative director is to lead, supervise and collaborate with a team of other creative professionals. Creative director roles are often found within marketing and advertising agencies, although this job title is not limited to one specific industry – it can be found at a variety of companies with internal marketing teams. Regardless of where you find this job title listed, know that creative directors sit at the helm of creative departments and are often tasked with blending artistic and business perspectives to achieve an organization’s end goals. If you’re ready to lead a team of copywriters, designers, account managers and more; we suggest getting savvy by studying marketing, copywriting, design and project management.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are tasked with using visual concepts to communicate information for brands, individuals and artistic purposes. These designers can use their skills for a variety of projects; creating everything from packaging to posters, billboards, websites, logos, signage and branded marketing materials. While many graphic designers work in design studios, others work independently or as part of creative teams within larger organizations. If you want to land a job as a graphic designer, learning the adobe creative suite, studying typography and building a solid design portfolio are some steps you can take to get closer to your goal.

4. Technical Designer

A technical designer is a creative professional who works in the fashion industry. Technical designers are tasked with bringing garments from concept to product; with their primary duties including developing design plans with manufacturers, reviewing design work and quality-checking finished garments. Folks in this field may work with a design firm, fashion company or independent fashion designer – all depending on an individual’s skill sets, education, experience, and career aspirations.

5. Product Designer

A product designer conceptualizes, designs and develops consumer products. Product designers help at every stage of a product’s development. Their duties can include defining product specifications, analyzing problems within an existing design, creating digital or hand-drawn sketches, assembling prototypes and designing fully-functional products.

6. Digital Communication Specialist

A digital communication specialist is a marketing professional who is responsible for managing and analyzing the performance of digital marketing campaigns, which often includes the management of a brand’s presence on social media. The role of a digital communication specialist revolves around amplifying communications across platforms and creating engaging content to keep traffic coming consistently. Specific duties vary depending on the company and team hierarchy, however, some preferred qualifications for this job title may include; experience with email service providers, knowledge of social media management tools and experience with content management systems.

7. UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for designing the look and feel of a website, mobile application or other digital product. The duties of someone with this job title can include conducting usability tests, creating wireframes, storyboarding ideas, creating sitemaps, and designing product prototypes. While projects and goals of UX designers vary across the industry, their main role is to zero in on how a person will interact with a product and design with the user in mind.

8. Web Designer

Web designers are professionals who conceptualize, create, and code websites; often employing the use of graphics, sounds, and images to complete the design of a web page. Regardless of what company a web designer works for or what projects they are working on, the overall task of this job is to solve complex design problems and make the web more accessible. While skills and tasks will definitely vary across the industry, some common responsibilities of web designers can include conducting UX/UI research, creating wireframes, prototyping, and executing layout design for websites (independently or in collaboration with other designers and developers).

9. Content Strategist

The role of a content strategist involves designing, planning, editing and publishing content with a client or company’s business goals and customer demographics in mind. The main job of a content strategist is to develop a strategy for how content will be used. Depending on where they work, duties of a content strategist can include amplifying a brand’s online presence to grow their following, creating email campaigns to draw in donations for a nonprofit organization or using guerilla marketing to create an interactive experience for a company.

10. Illustrator

Illustrators are artists who use their drawing skills to create a wide range of digital and printed products. An illustrator can work independently as a creative professional, as an in-house artist for a company or as a member of a design agency. They are responsible for drawing rough sketches for client or company approval, negotiating contracts, liaising with editors, authors or designers and producing finalized, illustrative artworks.

11. Design Consultant

Design consultants are employed across industries – with many using their skills in the fields of interior design, fashion design and graphic design. Regardless of where they work, design consultants are responsible for helping their clients create design plans, for a space or product, that integrate form, functionality and desired design aesthetics.

12. Brand Designer

A brand designer is a creative professional who helps a company or client develop their public image, often referred to as a brand identity. Brand designers have a variety of skill sets, with strategizing being a top qualification for folks who assume this title. These innovative individuals can work in a variety of team structures – from small businesses with sole proprietors to large-scale corporations with hundreds of staff members.

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