10 Product Design Youtube Channels to Watch in 2022

Are you searching for product design Youtube channels to follow? Want in-depth knowledge about the design world? Looking for tutorials to strengthen your skills or inspire your design process? 

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There’s good news! We’ve researched the best Youtube channels for industrial design, UI/UX design, career advice, and design tutorials. And, we’ve compiled them into a list just for you!

Whether you want to jump-start your career as a product designer or simply have a desire to build your repertoire of Youtube design channels, you’ll find great videos here. 

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In this Article:

  1. Design Plus Morna
  2. Maex
  3. AJ & Smart
  4. The Design Sketchbook
  5. Product Design Online
  6. The Futur
  7. ML UX Academy
  8. Yes I’m A Designer
  9. DesignCourse
  10. Femke Design

Design Plus Morna

Source: Design Plus Morna via Youtube

Want to dive into the vast world of product design and industrial design? Design Plus Morna is a platform that focuses on sharing industry insights from an industrial designer’s perspective. On this channel, you’ll find videos on how to choose materials in product design, how to generate design ideas without sketching, emotional design, and more!


Maex is a Youtuber who provides viewers with a ton of tutorials and in-depth walkthroughs on UI/UX tools such as Principle, Webflow, Sketch, and Adobe XD, among others. So, if you’re looking for helpful tips and techniques to apply to your own designs, Maex is worth following!

AJ & Smart

Looking for great videos on design thinking, product design, design books reviews, and tutorials? If so, AJ & Smart is a Youtube channel you should follow. On this platform, you’ll find content about how to get started in UX design, Figma UI design tutorials, product design news, and problem-solving exercises!

The Design Sketchbook

As the name may have given away, this Youtube channel is all about sketching for industrial design. On the Design Sketchbook’s platform, you’ll find sketching tutorials, career advice, q&a videos about industrial design, and interviews with design professionals.

Product Design Online

Hosted by product designer Kevin Kennedy, Product Design Online is a Youtube channel that explores Autodesk Fusion 360 in great detail. From videos focused on Fusion 360 for hobbyists and woodworkers to an educational playlist for viewers to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 days, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge here!

The Futur

Looking for information on UX design, branding, design thinking, and more? The Futur has it! The Futur is a youtube channel that covers a broad range of topics from identity design to finding your ikigai (purpose in life) and how to show passion in your portfolio.

ML UX Academy

Hosted by esteemed UI/UX designer Mike Locke, ML UX Academy educates viewers about the design industry. The topics covered on this channel include visual UI design, UX design, UX research, user-centered design principles, product development, concept vs real work, and career advice for those getting started in the industry.

Yes I’m A Designer

Hosted by Martin Perhiniak, one of 2015’s top 10 Adobe instructors in the world (according to student feedback), Yes I’m A Designer is a great resource for everything design-related. On this channel, expect to find a broad range of topics including videos on design principles, Adobe creative suite tutorials, and explainer vlogs about color theory.


Founded by designer and full-stack developer, Gary Simon, DesignCourse is a Youtube channel that was created to educate the masses in product design, UI/UX, front and back-end web development, and graphic design. On this platform, you’ll find everything from videos on choosing the best color tools for web design to how-to tutorials on connecting crypto wallets using Javascript.

Femke Design

Looking to immerse yourself in the world of product design? Check out Femke Design, a Youtube channel that covers case study walkthroughs, tips on finding the right design boot camps, and tutorials for creating user tests. Basically, if you want to know about UI/UX, generating product design ideas, or need tutorials on various design tools; this platform is worth watching.

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