Design Patterns in PHP: 10 Free Courses for All Skill Levels 

Are you looking to learn more about design patterns in PHP? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a curated selection of high-quality courses for developers, designers, or anyone interested in programming languagesSo, what are you waiting for? Scroll to find popular courses on creational patterns, structural patterns, strategies for implementing design patterns, and more!

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10 Youtube Courses on PHP Design Patterns

When coding complex software applications, having a basic understanding of design patterns can come in handy. But, don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the experts! Below, we’ve curated a list of video tutorialsSo, keep scrolling! There’s something for every skill level.

1. 5 Design Patterns Every Engineer Should Know – Traversy Media

In this speedy course, Jack Herrington reviews 5 common patterns that make writing code easier. In 12 minutes, he describes the singleton pattern, facade pattern, bridge/adapter pattern, strategy pattern, and observer pattern – giving you an overview of all you need to know to successfully design web applications. 

2. Advanced PHP Design Pattern Course – Applicable Programming 

Want to learn about PHP dependency injection and PHP factory pattern modules? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In a little over 30 minutes, the development professionals at Applicable Programming give a high-level overview of dependency injection and what design patterns are in PHP. 

3. PHP Design Patterns: The Facade Pattern – IOLearn Tutorials

For those who want to dive deep into patterns in PHP, this video and its accompanying playlist of video tutorials are just what you need. In this particular course, IOLearn Tutorials gives a brief overview of the types of design patterns developers can implement – offering specific tips on the facade pattern. If you want more than this quick tutorial, click here to access the entire playlist on PHP design patterns

4. The Factory Method Pattern – Ollie Codes

Designing web applications and want to learn more about the factory pattern? Watch this! In less than 10 minutes, Ollie Codes walks viewers through what the factory method design pattern is and how it can be used to solve real-world problems. 

5. PHP Design Patterns: Introduction – Envato Tuts+

For developers who practice object-oriented programming, design patterns can help solve common problems. Want to learn more? This is a great course to get started! In this video, Jeremy McPeak gives viewers basic knowledge about design patterns and walks them through a complement implementation in PHP. 

6. Intermediate PHP OOP Tutorial: Decorator Pattern Explained – Gary Clarke

This tutorial is for those experienced in OOP. In less than 10 minutes, Gary Clarke offers a succinct explanation of the decorator pattern and how it enables developers to add more functionality to a class. 

7. Strategy Design Pattern (PHP Edition) – Max Pronko

Want to create clean code? Watch Max Pronko’s 43-minute course on how and when to use a strategy design pattern then try to implement it on a project of your own. 

8. The Lazy Initialization Pattern – Ollie Codes

In another video tutorial in his Design Patterns in PHP series, Ollie Codes walks through the lazy initialization pattern and how it fits into the category of other creational patterns. He even offers a real-world example so you can see the lazy initialization pattern in action! 

9. Abstract Factory Pattern – Christoper Okhravi

In his video series on design patterns for object-oriented PHP, Christoper Okhravi dives into how a programmer can use a pattern to find a solution to development challenges. This particular episode focuses on the abstract factory pattern, however, there are other courses on the strategy pattern, singleton pattern, observer pattern, and more! Find the entire playlist here

10. Software Design Patterns and Principles – TechLead

Want to learn tips from top professionals? The TechLead is an ex-Google employee who shares his wealth of knowledge on software design. And in this brief course, he reviews design patterns and principles developers can keep in mind to keep their code clean. 

5 Additional Resources to Learn More

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Don’t want to just watch courses on Youtube? Craving more information? There are more places to glean knowledge! Below, we’ve included a few additional free resources.