Resources for Designers: 5 Websites for High-Quality Free Stock Photos

Any designer or content creator, who has scoured the internet for images, knows the value of finding websites that have high-quality free stock photos. However, finding “free” photos is only half the battle. Once you find the stock you’re searching for; you have to make sure that you can actually use the images for your personal and commercial creative projects.

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Let’s be honest. Image license agreements can be a headache; riddled with confusing language. And, sometimes, photographs that are marketed as being “free” actually cost if you want to include them on your brand’s blog, in advertisements, websites, or on social media. With all this to consider, wading through the sea of stock images can be tricky, to say the least.

But, it’s not all bad news – there is was a way around the legal jargon and limited image usage rights. The solution? You have to find reputable image resources, for designers, to ensure the stock photos you download are free from copyright restrictions.

Sounds easier said, than done, right? We get it. After all, finding a legitimate stock site with a CC0 image license can take a while. Fortunately, the team at Authentic Jobs has already done this research for you! In this post, you’ll find 5 websites for high-quality free stock photos, with no strings attached.


A person with a yellow sweater holds a yellow balloon in front of their face

Have you been looking for one-of-a-kind images to make your website stand out?

Look no further than Gratisography – a design resource that is offering, as their website puts it, “the world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock images.” So, for those searching for uncanny pics, that can put a unique spin on any creative project; this resource is for you.


boats gather in a bright blue ocean scene with monolithic rocks. free stock image from StockSnap.

Are you desperately in search of a reliable resource for CC0 images?

StockSnap can offer peace of mind and thousands of beautiful, free stock photos. If you need more reasons to check out this design resource, their website includes information on commercial usage – meaning you can snag visually-arresting images, for your client projects, at absolutely no cost.


asian noodles with shrimp sit in a white dish. free stock photo courtesy of foodiefactor

Do you need mouth-watering food photography to complete your designs?

FoodieFactor specializes in offering royalty-free food photography. On their website, their CC0 license; explains that images “can be used for almost any commercial design project; this includes most forms of digital or printed media; web design, app design, WordPress themes, PSD and HTML templates, books, magazines, posters, etc.”


image of an African American woman with illustration of human biometrics and purple hues. free stock photo from StockVault

Are you looking for free stock images and illustrations?

StockVault offers the best of both worlds with its vast library of photographs and vector illustrations, that you can download for free.

Specifically, this website is known as a creative hub for images of textures, futuristic backgrounds, and conceptual vector art.


image of a butterfly in a person's hand.

Do you need reference photos for your project?

Morguefile is a stock website dedicated to providing free image reference materials for the creative community. With its focus on catering to illustrators, comic book artists, art educators and designers; this resource can be used by creative professionals working on a variety of projects.

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