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Product Designer


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Common Networks


Common Networks was founded on the idea that everyone should have a choice for fast, affordabe access to broadband internet. Right now, most homes in the U.S. don’t, in fact 62% of homes live in a monopoly broadband market. High-speed access unlocks all the superpowers on the internet. When it works, it can be a great leveling force across the world, giving everyone access to educational tools, entertainment, immediate translations, or even medical care that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Common Networks provides surburban neighborhoods with internet using wireless technology. We interconnect homes in a neighborhood, creating a mesh network between homes and our fiber internet sources. A whole community can then have fast and reliable internet service with only a few  locations needing fiber access.


We are looking to hire our first Product Designer. The primary function of this role is UX/UI design, but this role will also be flexible to do some visual design and marketing design. As the first designer, you will have heavy influence over our overall brand and product experience. We are seeking a designer who can use design thinking, product design, and visual design to help achieve our company-level goals. We care deeply about our customer experience and believe that crafting and honing this experience is what sets us apart from the incumbent ISPs that exist today.

What you do

  • Problem-solve with the product and engineering teams to come up with solutions for problems/challenges across our entire platform
  • Build designs for products and features for a number of different audiences: internal users, field technicians, and our internet subscribers
  • Work cross-functionally with engineers, field operations team, and product managers to implement features
  • You are the voice of design at the company and help to hold us to a high bar of design excellence

Who you are 

  • You care first and foremost about creating an awesome user experience, no matter who the customer is. To that end, you know how to balance aesthetics, functionality and practicality.
  • Design generalist. Your strength is in UX/UI design, however you can also produce visual designs, build marketing templates, and help us think through industrial design of our hardware.
  • Collaborative team member.  You are open, honest, and can respectfully work through difficult problems with the rest of the team.
  • Clear communicator. You have many audiences - engineers, designers, operations team, our board of directores, etc. You know how to structure written and verbal communications clearly for each audience.
  • Creative problem-solver. We are developing technology and a product that has never been built before. You are creative; you generate new, innovative ideas that help us solve problems.
  • Detail oriented. You sweat the small stuff and don’t let things slip through the cracks. You understand the difference between letting something slip through the cracks vs. actively deprioritizing an edge case.
  • Naturally curious and have a self-starter personality with hustle. You don’t need to wait for people to tell you what to work on. You know that done is better than perfect and are engergized by constantly delivering and moving things forward. You roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to make things successful.
  • Flexible and excited to work in a fast paced, rapidly evolving environment.


  • 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience designing for desktop and mobile web (bonus for having designed Android apps, print collateral, marketing emails)
  • Experience building designs at varying levels of fidelity - sketches, wireframes, detailed designs and red-lines
  • Excited to work in a rapidly changing startup environment on a team of 20 people to start

*** For consideration, please include a link to your portfolio

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