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Senior Frontend (React) Software Engineer

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Senior Frontend (React) Software Engineer at StackShare

San Francisco, United States, Full Time

Job Description

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- “New Technology Is Built on a ‘Stack.’ Is That the Best Way to Understand Everything Else, Too?” -

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StackShare is a community that helps developers and engineers discover and compare software tools. Our vision is to transform how SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

Choosing SaaS and cloud infrastructure tools is difficult. If you’re a developer looking for a hosting solution, you have hundreds of options and no clear way to sift through them all. We’ve built a community of developers, engineers, CTOs, and VPEs that recommend, review, and share their technology stacks. They have significant buying power and a need for tooling and infrastructure services, from startups to large enterprises. The options they have are confusing and increasing in number by the day - they’re desperate to get help choosing the right solutions. StackShare lets technologists see all the best tools and services, who are using them, and why.


We’re a small distributed team of five, with our main office in San Francisco, CA. We believe every member of the team should own the products they build and have a say in what gets built.

Our CEO, Yonas has seen Fortune 500 companies use Gartner PDF reports to make software buying decisions when he worked at Accenture; he’s also seen startups make these decisions after joining a YC-backed startup, where he worked on product design and marketing. Yonas then took StackShare through the 500 Startups accelerator and has been leading our growth and marketing efforts. You’ll be working directly with Yonas on a daily basis as part of your role.

Our engineering team is made up of folks who’s been at companies like Etsy, GitLab, Yelp, Yammer, Salesforce, Digital Ocean, and Citrix.


As Frontend Engineer, you are an essential part of the StackShare Engineering team. Starting from Day One, you will work closely with a tight-knit team of engineers and designers and directly shape the future of the StackShare experience. You will see your dreams go from sketches on a whiteboard to reality, and have a lasting impact on the day to day lives of hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of engineers around the world.

Along the way, you will also lead and shape the architecture of our own stack. We are continuously learning and reasoning about the best ways for us to structure our code and our processes, and you will be challenged to not only be well-versed in the latest trends of software development but also be pushed to come up with new solutions for us to help push the technology industry forward. Your contributions will come to life one block of code at a time, and at the appropriate moments, we’ll together help you open-source them out into the world.

You’ve built and shipped UIs before, and are empathetic towards customers, with a keen eye on user experience and aesthetic quality. You enjoy building UIs with modern tools like ES6, React, Webpack, etc. You like to think through requirements and the user experience and come up with elegant, pragmatic solutions to solve problems in the most high-impact ways. We hope that you care deeply about the Frontend but aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and contribute to the Backend side of the stack as well.

You are flexible, proactive, and curious. You understand best practices but won’t shy away from challenging the status quo and proposing new and better solutions. Similarly, you respect the folks you work with and welcome being challenged. You believe trust is at the root of all great teamwork, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help us learn and get better.

Bonus Points:

- You’re a StackShare user (include your profile URL in your application).

- You’re familiar with almost every tool and service in StackShare’s stack (

- You’re a tools geek; you sign up for new tools and services just to kick the tires and satisfy your curiosity.


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