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Senior Rails Developer


– Accepting applications

Our business is growing, and as our CTO Gavin starts moving away from day-to-day development we’re looking for someone with Rails development experience to take a leadership role within our development team.

What you’ll be doing

  • Taking responsibility for technically leading small (2-3 person) development teams working to write and maintain Ruby on Rails Shopify applications that directly help our clients achieve success. This will involve writing and reviewing code, helping make design and architectural decisions, and empowering team members to develop their own skills and grow as programmers;
  • Leading the development of Disco’s application framework and making technology decisions for the company;
  • Using interaction with customers to design and implement new features on Disco’s own publicly-available Shopify applications;
  • Enhancing Disco’s reputation as a leading Shopify agency through community engagement, developing case studies, contributing to open source, and other activities.

Core skills required

  • You’re a communicator, who recognises that developing great products requires teamwork and close collaboration, not just code;
  • You have significant experience building web applications using Ruby on Rails in a professional context;
  • You have previously led small teams of software developers to successfully deliver a working product, or have been responsible for collaboratively delivering one;
  • You’re curious and like to dive deep into what you’re working on and learn new things.

Skills that are “nice to have”

  • You have had some exposure to Shopify, either as a merchant or as a developer;
  • You have front-end development skills, potentially having worked with things like React and Sass before;
  • You like to share and teach others, as evidenced by (for example) blogging, working on open source projects or speaking at events;
  • You have experience with other web frameworks beyond Rails (eg Django).

Things we don’t need

  • You don’t necessarily have a degree. You could be about to complete your studies or be completely self-taught - we’re more interested in the work you can and want to produce, not a piece of paper;
  • You don’t need to be located in Melbourne! While we’d love to be able to meet you face-to-face, we know that there are great developers in every corner of the globe. However, as you’ll be employed in Australia we do require that you have the right to work here, and will be able to visit the Melbourne office regularly (at least 3 times a year).

What we offer

  • We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary with leave and benefits (these will vary depending on experience and location);
  • You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle design and development problems, but we’ll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills;
  • You can design your own work hours to suit your own needs. Three day weekend? Need the mornings off for daycare dropoff? No problem;
  • We’ll support your professional development however you need, whether it’s with equipment, courses, books or conferences;
  • Opportunities to work remotely anywhere in the world for extended periods of time;
  • Monthly wellbeing allowance you’re free to spend on new running shoes, yoga classes, mindfulness classes - whatever keeps you happy and healthy;
  • We match any annual charitable donations made by employees up to $250 per year.

How to learn more about Disco

You can find more information about us on this website, from our top-level jobs page, our general-purpose about page or by sifting through some of our case studies.

If you’d like to learn more about the position before applying, feel free to email or book a 15 minute call with our CTO Gavin.

Job Perks

Flexible work hours; professional development; remote work; wellbeing allowance; charitable donation matching.

The most important part of your application is your cover letter, which in one page or less should tell us:

  • Who you are;
  • What your level of experience with Rails development is;
  • Details of your previous leadership or team-based roles;
  • Why, specifically, you’d like to work with us at Disco.

Your application should also contain a description of your work history. This could be either a resume or a LinkedIn profile. If providing links to public examples of your work (eg a Github profile), please provide details on which repositories you consider to be the best examples of your work and where we should look for your contributions.

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