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Product Advocate / Technical Account Manager


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As a Product Advocate, you’ll use technical experience, product knowledge, and sales skills to help every customer get the most value from SolarWinds’ Monitoring Cloud (SaaS) products:

If you’ve made a restaurant reservation, collaborated in a text chat room, or purchased a plane ticket, you probably used a service which depends on SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud.

Why is this role important?

Your customers, many of whom are fellow engineers, will come to see you as a trusted peer. You’ll be instrumental in figuring out what types of technical account management actually help, why, and how to scale it. This is an incredibly fast-growing market. As the SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud thrives and expands in the coming years, you’ll have contributed significantly to that growth.

Why is this position unique?

Big company benefits and customer base, startup flexibility. As Product Advocate, you’ll:

  • be the primary contact for your customers, not just a sales engineer. If you’re equally adept at cloning a git repo as you are at explaining why a product is valuable enough to pay for, this role is for you.
  • have an unusual amount of control over which actions may be worth your time. We’ll be brainstorming, selecting, and testing these together.
  • see the impact of your work every day – not in 0.1% of customers, but in 10% or 30% of customers. If something is demonstrably effective, you’ll help implement or share it widely.
  • sell products that you’d actually use yourself. Life is too short to represent a product you don’t care about.
  • sell products which already have thousands of satisfied customers.
  • interact with customers using newer technologies like Docker, Go, React, and Kubernetes as well as established products like PostgreSQL, nginx, and Heroku.


  • Technical expertise, so you can be useful to software developers and systems engineers. Perhaps you’ve been a sales engineer, customer success engineer, technical account manager or thrived in a “dev bootcamp” program. Maybe you’re writing code now and want a change.
  • Able to confidently explain that something costs money (and why!), and ideally, past experience in a sales role. If you have a demonstrated interest in business (like sales, entrepreneurship, or finance), even as a hobby, we want to hear.
  • You’re great at explaining complex ideas in writing. This position is 80% email or text, 20% interactive (voice or video)
  • Able to confidently give a screenshare-style product demo that attendees enjoy
  • You value the chance to help define the process. In past roles, maybe you’ve had strong opinions about how sales could do a better job or how you could do a better job if you were the sales rep.
  • Nice to have: Experience interacting with engineers on a daily basis (such as by selling a product to engineers or supporting a product used by engineers), and/or working with a distributed team (such as in Slack)

Examples of technical expertise

Part of this job is identifying customer-specific use cases and opportunities where these products can be more helpful and thus get used more. These are usually technical conversations. To add value, you’ve probably done at least 1 of these 5 tasks or something very similar:

  • modified a Ruby, Python, Unix shell, or other script/code to do what you want or run correctly (or, of course, written your own)
  • cloned a git repo and committed a change
  • used a somewhat advanced command-line tool like tcpdump, strace, ntop, iptables, or awk
  • booted a Docker container or EC2/Xen instance
  • configured a daemon like rsyslog or sshd

Want to stand out?

Sign up for a SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud product (like Librato, Papertrail, or Pingdom), then write an email or record a screencast demo for an imaginary customer. In the email or screencast, explain why this product is a better fit than competitors.

Job Perks

We’ll help you relocate to Austin, rated #1 Best Place to Live (

$5,000 401(k) match.

Great tools like Slack, Tableau, Mixpanel, and GitHub.

Beautiful, spacious office with free snacks, beverages, showers, parking, and large monitors.

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