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Design Editor


  • Part-time
  • Anywhere
  • Remote job
  • Tier 1
    Under $29,000
  • Small business
– Accepting applications

Are you a UX or visual designer with strong writing skills? Do you enjoy reading the latest news and finding the newest trends? Are you a self-starter with 5 hours a week to devote to a new endeavor? You might be the UX Booth contributing editor we’re looking for.

Position: UX Booth Design Editor

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • UX Booth editors work one-on-one with authors to bring articles from pitch to publication, helping them to:
    • Clarify their theses
    • Find relevant, real-world examples
    • Finesse sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc
  • Editors make judgement calls on when articles are ready for publication, and what authors can do to improve their work.
  • Editors are required to attend a weekly check-in meeting to keep the full team aware of upcoming publication dates.
  • Editors are expected to spend no more than 5 hours a week on UX Booth-related work.

Additional Perks:

  • Editors are paid a monthly stipend for their contributions.
  • Though not required, UX Booth editors are given frequent opportunities to publish their own work on UX Booth.
  • Editors are given access to the latest books on UX, and are given opportunities to interview well renowned, as well as up-and-coming authors.
  • UX Booth editors are given opportunities and tickets to represent UX Booth at conferences, if and when they are available and interested in attending.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Editing experience
  • A background in UX design or visual design

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