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Growth engineer / developer


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Put smiles on the faces of thousands of engineers. Help popularize products that you would – or already do – use yourself:

These four products are the SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud.

Why is this role important?

As a growth engineer/developer, you’ll work closely with product management and marketing to decide which metrics matter, what changes may affect them, and how to test and measure each hypothesis.

Other companies call this a “growth hacker,” but no part of this job is about taking shortcuts or cutting corners. We need a growth hard-worker: someone who has instrumented an end-to-end SaaS conversion funnel, identified and prioritized possible improvements, and written code and copy to improve each one, generally in Ruby and English.

You’ll make an immediate impact on SolarWinds’ fast-growing SaaS business, which is focused on engineers, developers, and devops practitioners. If you’ve made a restaurant reservation, collaborated in a text chat room, or purchased a plane ticket, you probably used a service which depends on SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud.

Work alongside colleagues who share your practical, iterative approach to development and your appreciation for lightweight tools like Slack and GitHub. Interact with customers using newer technologies like Docker, Go, React, and Kubernetes as well as established products like PostgreSQL, nginx, and Heroku.

What we’re looking for

  • Proven data-driven, inquisitive mindset: Have you done this before? Tell us! Perhaps this was your job. Maybe you instrumented/measured and iteratively improved a side project, or even quantified some part of your own life. If so, we want to hear.
  • Ingenuity: A combination of software development experience, human psychology/UX, and interest in software-based/SaaS business models. What’s a cohort analysis? What problems does it solve? What problems does it have? How would you implement one using modern tools and Ruby?
  • Data geek: Do you enjoy collecting, analyzing, and understanding the gaps in a data set? Have you used tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap?
  • Respect for customers: Our users have brains and opinions. Do you respect your users and care about the whole business, not just a single metric?


  • At least 2 years of software development experience, including at least 1 professional software development or engineering role.
  • Knowledge of at least one scripting language. Preferably, experience with Ruby and JavaScript.
  • Demonstrated quantitative skills in your work or personal experience.
  • Demonstrated passion for testing, analyzing and iterating in your work or personal experience. Feel free to point it out!
  • Experience analyzing and visualizing data (like a SaaS conversion funnel) with SQL and Excel.
  • Nice to have: Experience with viral marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and APIs (Amazon API, AdWords API, social media APIs), Google Analytics, familiarity with sales tools and CRM systems
  • Nice to have: Experience working with a distributed team, such as via Slack, GitHub, and Google Apps.

Want to stand out?

Sign up for a SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud product (like Librato, Papertrail, or Pingdom), then explain what would have improved your experience as a new user.

Job Perks

We’ll help you relocate to Austin, rated #1 Best Place to Live (

$5,000 401(k) match.

Great tools like GitHub, Slack, Tableau, Mixpanel, and FullStory.

This year, team members attended Elevate Summit/UserConf, SupConf, and other conferences.

Beautiful, spacious office with free snacks, beverages, showers, and large monitors.

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