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Marketing Assistant


– Accepting applications


Join the Native Union brand team and our mission to elevate the communication of our brand story. In this position you will generate Brand Messaging and materials that support marketing initiatives across social media, newsletters, adverts, press releases, any branded collateral. You will strike a creative balance between storytelling to meet commercial initiatives(digital strategy) and story telling for our more artful/conceptual campaigns (social campaigns, community events, collaborations).


  • COPY - Write copy for promotional materials, landing pages, social posts, emails, content/production narratives, and other materials. Developing a voice for the brand.
  • BRAND STRATEGY - helping to shape and maintain a strong and cohesive brand strategy across channels. Includes developing and maintaining social media strategy, influencer program and community networking.
  • PRESS - mostly outbound press to generate awareness around our specific brand team initiatives that support product launches, community events, collaborations and campaigns.
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY - Assist in creating copy for newsletters, adverts, landing pages and social media that support new product promotions and brand campaigns.
  • PRODUCTION - coordination of photo, film, brand events and film production.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - managing the personal messages coming through social

Requirements :

  • Innate ability to tell our brand story, with creativity and candor
  • Comfortable creating content strategies that support business goals
  • A strong passion for art, design and our brand ethos
  • Experience developing content for products, social media, websites, ad units, landing pages, etc
  • Proactive in establishing new press relationships in alignment with our brand story and digital marketing initiatives
  • Strong self-management and organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • A reader of evolving trends in marketing, content, digital, UX, and technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Marketing and/or Communications.


Show us your personal Instagram and/or social media channels.

- Any social media accounts you have managed

- Influencer programs you have initiated

- Marketing collateral you have developed

- Blogs you have managed and written for

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