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Manager, User Experience Design


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Manager, User Experience Design

Choice Hotels’ Design Vision and Values

As Choice Hotels’ Manager of User Experience Design, you will play a key role in helping our guests travel connected. The process of planning a trip is often riddled with challenges and frustrations. Although we can’t change the complex realities of their journey, we can take some of the work out of travel and connect the world through the power of hospitality – we need your help.

In this role, you will be a leader of Choice Hotels’ Digital Commerce Team, a group that designs user-centered experiences for our website and mobile app. We are a passionate team that designs products with these values in mind:

  • Empathy over ego
  • Progress over stagnation
  • Effectiveness over speed
  • Curiosity over contentment
  • Collaboration over separation

To live out these values and achieve our mission, we need a forward-thinking, natural leader who will build on what we have created so far and help Choice become a best-in-class, mature design organization.

Your Responsibilities

As a Manager of User Experience Design, your days will be spent overseeing our design team, building strong relationships with invested stakeholders, being a champion of design and innovation, and helping our customers make meaningful progress during every step of their travel journey.

Your responsibilities will include:

Design Direction and Thought Leadership: You will help create seamless customer experiences both online and in person by taking a hands-on approach to defining and implementing a design vision that aligns with Choice’s brand and corporate strategies. You also will act as an evangelist for user-centered design principles and techniques across the organization.

Facilitation and Improv: As a team leader, you will listen to all stakeholders, understand the business and customer needs (while advocating for the customer) and pivot conversations on-the-fly into tangible solutions that your team can realistically execute. We also will look to you for help facilitating problem solving, sketching, prototyping, visual design and critiques. No matter the task or situation, you will use your high emotional intelligence to engage team members who have different levels of skill, experience and maturity.

Customer Focus and Empathy: You will continuously evolve our design strategy based on user feedback, then test results to ensure we are designing and implementing solutions that deliver tangible value to our customers and business.

Team and Talent Development: You will help the Digital Commerce Team grow and evolve by hiring and mentoring experienced UX/UI designers, then coaching them using a collaborative approach that leverages their individual strengths. Your ongoing feedback will be crucial to strengthen their design, business consulting and presentation skills, while elevating product design thinking and execution throughout the team and our entire organization.

Design Standards: You will partner with Choice’s engineering team to develop a living design system, including shared design principles, assets and patterns. These relationships and design standards will help maintain cohesion across our digital portfolio, while empowering individual teams to customize where needed.

Business Consulting: You will incorporate insights from customer feedback, site metrics, research and ecommerce industry trends to propose compelling product improvements and new design solutions that meet both customer needs and business objectives.

Customer Experience Alignment: You will partner with Marketing, Marketing Design, Development, Business Intelligence and Events to ensure consistency and continuity between our digital applications and other aspects of the customer experience.


Alignment with our vision and values (see above)

Bachelor’s Degree and/or MFA in Design or a related field

10+ years of mobile/web design experience, preferably in an ecommerce environment

5+ years of experience managing a mobile/web design team

Experience designing a consistent user experience with repeatable patterns across digital products and platforms (e.g., web, mobile web and native applications for iOS and Android)

A solid understanding of information architecture, usability and UX practices

Experience with rapid prototyping using tools such as Axure, InVision or UXPin

Strong proficiency in storytelling, presenting and advocating design to executives

Experience working with business and development teams throughout the product lifecycle

Experience creating design systems, style guides and/or pattern libraries

Passion for keeping up with innovative design and technology trends and applying that knowledge to improve the customer experience

Apply to Join the Team

Think you might be a good fit for Choice Hotels’ Manager, User Experience Design role? Apply for this position by submitting your resume, a link to your portfolio and something that shows how you plan to help us achieve our design vision.

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