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Senior Software Engineer


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We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer with expertise in Node.js and a focus on server-side technologies. You must have excellent non-verbal communication skills for our fully remote team. We are a small startup building Node and React apps for the Real Estate industry. We just launched our first product to over 700 users and we are looking for a smart, responsive, and talented JavaScript Engineer to take us to the next level.


  • You have at least 2 years of experience with Node.js
  • You know the concepts behind Sails.js and React.js (actual experience is a plus)
  • You have experience with ES6 and Promise-based asynchronous coding
  • You have experience with AWS (EC2, S3, RDS)
  • You have experience with MySQL, Reddis, ElasticSearch
  • You have experience with nginx routing
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning is a plus
  • Knowledge of Lua and OpenResty is a plus
  • You have experience with unit testing and know the pros/cons of TDD
  • You have excellent non-verbal communication skills (we use Slack a lot)
  • You are extremely self-motivated; able to find opportunities for improvement and tackle them, without external direction
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic, low-structure, constantly changing atmosphere and prioritizing work appropriately

Node.js experience

For this position, a significant amount of experience with Node is a strict requirement.

We would love to hire all great backend developers, regardless of the language they have most experience with, but at this point we are looking for developers who can get up and running within our code base quickly and without much training, which limits us to developers with a large amount of existing experience with Node.js, and preferably Sails.js too.

Job Perks

Work from home Competitive salary and benefits

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