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Creative Front-end Web Developer For Social Good


– Accepting applications

Nice and Serious is an ethically-driven creative agency based in London and New York. We believe that serious issues - like sustainability - need the nicest creative. We craft campaigns, brands, films, animations, designs, websites and interactives to make a more just, ethical and sustainable world.

Our digital team produces top-notch creative content for friendly folk like The Guardian, builds campaign sites for NGOs such as WWF, develops cutting-edge publishing platforms for organizations like Nesta and sometimes get stuck into some serious (and not-so-serious) data visualizations.

We like to challenge ourselves, so that means we’re always trying new technologies. This might mean dipping into D3.js to create an interactive data viz, delving into the HTML5 video API or picking up some PIXI.js to create a mini Canvas-based game. And hey, sometimes we might just do an interpretive dance for the fun of it. It’s challenging, but rewarding. And above all, the work we produce makes the world a whole lot nicer.

Nice and curious? Then check out the job ad ( for more details and how to apply.

Job Perks

A whole host of seriously nice stuff. Everything you need to know is in the job ad (

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