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Product Marketing Manager


Delicious Brains Inc.

– No longer accepting applications

Hi, my name is Brad Touesnard. I’m the founder of Delicious Brains Inc. We make high quality products for WordPress.

The “we” is currently 7 full-time developers and myself. They take care of the code, write articles for our blog, support our customers and I handle pretty much everything else. I’m currently looking for a Product Marketing Manager to lead all marketing and communication efforts.

I personally review all applications myself.


You will work directly with me to run a big part of the business. At first you will run all of your proposals by me, but once we establish trust you will operate with complete autonomy and make high level decisions on your own, reporting to me only periodically. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Experimentation
    Work with me to come up with creative new ideas to bring in new customers and keep existing ones. Take an idea from planning through execution and measuring results. A failed experiment isn’t a loss if we learn something significant.
  • Blog Editor
    Lead our team of developers in writing engaging content for our 10,000 email subscribers. You will have a keen eye for grammar, spelling, and clear, concise writing.
  • Chief Copywriter
    You will hold a veto card on all public facing copy and you will absolutely love using it. You will scrutinize every bit of copy from our landing pages to changelog entries to ensure they are clear and concise.
  • Manage Our Ads
    Analyze the performance of our ads, suggest changes, and execute those changes. You will also learn new ad platforms and experiment with them.
  • Site Improvements
    Suggest changes to our sites to improve conversion rates and work with developers to execute on these suggestions.
  • Sponsorships
    Suggest events, podcasts, etc to sponsor and manage those sponsorships.
  • Screencasts
    Produce screencasts for our marketing site, blog, and documentation. You could do screencasts yourself, have another member of the team do it, or hire some help.
  • Promote Product Releases
    Produce a blog post selling the new features and benefits in the latest version of our product and promote it via email, social media, and other channels.
  • Communicate with Customers
    Follow up with customers who choose not to renew their subscription and compile statistics on reasons for not renewing. Survey customers for things that they need badly and that we’re in a good position to provide.
  • New Products
    Propose new products that you would like to see us build and promote to our audience.
  • Communicate with Affiliates
    Engage with affiliates offering them what they need to be more successful in promoting our products and earning commissions.
  • Build a Marketing Team
    Make a case for hiring a freelance designer, developer, or another role to help you achieve your objectives. Or maybe it’s even a part-time developer you need on the team. I’ll support you in getting the resources you need.
  • Drip Campaigns and Marketing Automation
    Use our marketing automation software (Drip) to drive engagement, decrease our bounce rates, etc.
  • Automated Webinars
    Collaborate with developers from each of our product teams to plan, schedule, and execute a webinar. Setup automated webinar software to run it on a weekly basis.
  • T-Shirts
    Have t-shirts designed with our branding, have a printing company do a run, and have them sent to our customers.


  • Outstanding English communication skills (spoken and written)
    You need to be in the 99th percentile in spoken and written English. I can’t emphasize this enough. Anything less will not do. If English is not your first language, this is going to be a tough requirement to satisfy. Applications that do not exhibit clear, concise writing will be discarded without reply.
  • Work hours
    I usually work 8am – 4pm AST (7am – 3pm EST) from my home in Nova Scotia. Because we’ll be working together a lot in the beginning, our work hours must overlap by at least 6 hours. For example, if you’re in British Columbia or Oregon you would need to start by 6am at the latest. If you’re in the UK, you would only be able to knock off at 6pm at the earliest. Once we’ve been working together for a while we should be able to relax this down to as few as 2 hours of overlap.
  • Experience working in a marketing team
    Not only have you worked in a marketing team for at least a year, but you have a solid list of achievements that demonstrate your ability to successfully lead projects. You also have a list of failures and lessons learned.
  • Superb organizational skills
    Structure breeds creativity. You put processes in place for everything so that you have a structure to support you doing your best work.
  • Cares about the details
    You realize that even a small tweak to copy can have a big impact. You take pride in reading through copy and making sure it meets your standards.
  • Owns both successes and failures
    You practice Extreme Ownership. When a project you’re leading turns into a disaster, you own it. You never point the finger at others.
  • Self-motivated and works well independently
    Meaning you don’t need to be nudged every step of the way and are proactive in tackling things that need to be done without direction. You should embrace the opportunity to level up, learn something new and really dig into it.
  • Comfortable working remotely
    We’re a fully remote company. We work from home, coffee shops, and co-working spaces. You must be confident that remote work is going to suit you. Ideally you have some experience working remotely.
  • Comfortable hanging out with a bunch of code monkeys
    When we meet up in person, there’s quite a lot of geek speak. We’re currently 9 software developers after all. You need to be comfortable with that.
  • Welcomes criticism and genuinely wants to grow as a professional
    We’re big on pushing each other to be better. That’s how we grow as individuals and a team. It’s one thing to accept criticism and another to ask for it and use it to level up.
  • Attend business and marketing conferences
    As a tiny team, it’s important to learn from others outside the company.


  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience marketing software products
  • Experience with Drip marketing automation software
  • UX and design skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Location Independent

Although six of your work hours need to overlap with mine in the beginning (as mentioned above), we can do with less overlap once we’ve worked together for a while. You’ll be free to work from nearly anywhere in the world, wherever you’re happiest. Our team is currently distributed across the globe, working from our homes in Nova Scotia, Ontario, California, Pennsylvania, Scotland, and England.

You Choose Your Schedule

What’s your ideal schedule? Maybe you like the regular 9am-5pm schedule. Or maybe a 4-day work week is your thing. Or maybe you prefer to work 6-days per week, but less each day. Or maybe it changes week-to-week.

It really doesn’t matter as long as we overlap by six hours most days in the beginning and after a while it will be completely up to you.

You Choose Your Benefits

What’s an attractive benefits package? Well, it really depends on the person. What do you value?

Maybe a competitive salary is what you’re after. Or maybe you really value vacation time and would rather less pay and more vacation days. Maybe health coverage is important to you, or maybe you’re already covered.

Because everyone values things differently, I’m leaving this wide open. Carte blanche. I’m certain we can work out an arrangement you’ll be happy with.

Company Retreats

The entire team was flown into Vienna for a company retreat in June 2016. Food/drink, travel, and accommodation were covered. Check out the blog post for the details. The previous year we went to Miami. Where will we go in 2017!?

How to Apply

Send a well written email to @ our domain name telling me where you’re located, why you’re looking for a new job, what I should definitely look at in your resume, and something not in your resume but you think I should know. Attach your resume and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile and your Twitter profile if you have one.

I look forward to personally reviewing your application.

Best of luck,

Brad Touesnard
Founder & General Manager

Delicious Brains Inc.

This job has been filled

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