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UI/UX Designer II


– Accepting applications

Job Description

As UI/UX Designer you’ll act as a passionate advocate on behalf of our customer, and create visual design elements that allow those customers to perform important business functions with ease.

Use your intimate knowledge of modern UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design principles to solve complex UI issues with simple design solutions. You will be responsible for managing all visual aspects of the web app, mobile app and website.

You will plan and conduct usability research, including working sessions, walkthroughs, surveys and interviews. And you will collect data and develop user personas that describe the target user and defines their needs. You must be able to present ideas to a variety of audiences and discuss the design process in detail.

You will collaborate with both business and technical teams to identify design requirements and integrate user feedback and overall product direction to create a seamless customer experience.

You will develop solutions to a variety of problems or job requirements of moderate scope and complexity that require judgment and ingenuity.

Skills & Requirements

Formal Education, Training, Professional Certification and Work Experience:

  • BS degree and at least 3 years of related professional design experience
  • Experience with user research and development of user personas
  • Demonstrated experience in planning, conducting and presenting design research, such as functional requirements, use cases, process flows and wireframes
  • Experience working on cross-functional teams (product management, visual design, software development, BA, QA)
  • Experience with design for mobile devices (phones & tablets)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with the latest front end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, React) is a plus. Front end coding experience is an even bigger plus
  • Strong sense of web design and an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the user experience
  • Experience with mobile app design is a plus
  • Experience in Marketing, Advertising & SEO is a plus

About The NORDAM Group

We’re an independent development team inside The NORDAM Group building a brand new public web service. The aerospace industry we’re modernizing has yet to fully benefit from the data revolution. We pride ourselves on our “startup” approach: we leverage modern technologies and methodologies and we prefer results over tradition. By being a totally separate unit in a large corporation, we benefit from its support and extensive business network, without all the downsides that come with software development at larger companies.

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