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:Different is rebuilding home services, starting with the property management experience.

We want to make it amazing, not just for owners or tenants, but for agents, tradespeople, and everyone involved in the experience. Our products span the range of consumer, enterprise, mobile and desktop, reaching people across ages, industries and tech-savviness.

For too long, technology in real estate has been an afterthought, rather than a great consumer experience. Our homes are a critical part of our lives, and we believe the experience should reflect that.

That’s why we’re hiring our first Product Designer. We need design thinking, a head for systems and a passion to make the hard things seem easy. You’ll be a generalist working across our various products and ultimately building out a world-class design team. Your focus will be on building out our software products, but we need someone who can think holistically about user experience. Our product is both people and technology, so our designers need to consider all the touchpoints. Fundamentally, we want to create human and humane experiences that are fresh and modern.

You’ll report directly to our co-founder, who’s been the global Head of Product Management at Uber, and has experience working at such great companies as Google and Goldman Sachs.

You’ll work closely with our engineering, operations and product teams to design new systems that will solve the core problems of property management with great technology. We know that this doesn’t mean replacing people with machines. It means letting people do the things that only people can do and letting technology do the rest.

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