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Authentic Jobs

Phone Phaqs.

  • I’ve spotted a bug. How do I notify the authorities?

    You’re a champ for helping us make our app bug-free. Contact us or send us a tweet and we’ll get on a fix as soon as we can.

  • How do I switch between UK and US/International jobs?

    Easy peasy. See the Authentic Jobs logo at the top of the app? Swipe left to switch between sites.

  • How do I view only telecommute jobs?

    That’s in the iOS ‘Settings’ menu. Scroll down to ‘Authentic Jobs‘.

  • How do I switch from miles to kilometers?

    Same as above (iOS ‘Settings’ menu).

  • Are jobs that I mark as favorites stored to

    Not yet, but they will be soon. For now, they‘re stored only locally on your device.

  • Your app is ace. Whom do I give props to?

    Thanks! Give props to André and Rui Gonçalves. They were fantastic to work with.

  • Can I follow you on Twitter?

    Of course you can, silly. We’re @authenticjobs and @authjobs_uk.