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Authentic Jobs API

API Documentation

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Request an API Key

Fill out the form below to request an API key. Upon completing the form, you’ll immediately receive a unique API key. Once you have your API key, take a look at our API documentation.

Terms of use

  • Charging for your own job postings, in addition to aggregating job postings from Authentic Jobs, is prohibited.
  • Please do not repost jobs that are not applicable to your audience, e.g. jobs that require on-site work reposted to your remote work job board.
  • Please try to not call a given method more than once per minute. For calls to methods that do not change often (e.g. aj.types.getList), heavy caching is recommended. Other methods should be cached as appropriate.
  • Please use a separate API key per application.
  • Please do not give you API key or shared secret to anyone else.
  • API keys can be disabled, and will be if they are causing problems.
  • API keys for any websites that involve adult content will be terminated immediately.
  • All applications must link back to the Authentic Jobs website in a prominent location.