The magic of water.

You've helped Authentic Jobs raise nearly $50,000 for clean water. Let's make magic happen again this year.

Let’s fund an entire community. (And a school!)


Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to bring clean drinking water to an entire community and neighboring school.

$30,000 will fully fund tap stands for up to 800 people, with water delivered to those taps through a series of electric pumps and pipes, and good old-fashioned gravity.

No more trekking hours every day just to find water.

A map of Rwanda with a pin on the city of Rulindo.
Rulindo, Rwanda

Your generous contribution will help children like these in the Rulindo District of Rwanda to have better health, more time to devote to school, and the chance to pursue new opportunities.

Campaign Summary

An in-depth description of the September Campaign.

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